Saturday, June 7, 2014

Its been almost a year...

Hey guys! I know...Sorry! My bad! Gomena! Bianeee!!! SORRRY! I've been so Busy with so much of stuff!

So yeah...hmm...I dunno how, what , where to start lol! ^_^...The reason why I'm so busy is becuz Im engaged ! I'm getting married in a few month ! Yesss! In a few month! In September 20, 2014. My boyfriend , I mean my fiance, ask for my hand after 3 month that we been together. I know that pplz can react so fast but when we feel the same. I'm old enought ...
At first my parent wasn't happy cuz he have tattoos and ask me to break up but I didn't show him to my famely at first so I wait a bit until Xmax time and I ask if he can come over and introduce him to the famely. It's not easy or difficult to be with someone that you love. But you have to work it out!
We have to talk and understand. Never think that pplz are aquired. We just want to make each day a special day.We know each other seens 6 years but never meet before. I guess this is destiny. Even in real life and on the chat with my bf, Ive been myself. Same thing form him, so we never been lying to each other.We can't Do different stuff each time, each day... but we are doing stuff that makes us happy. We love to go out and now we trying to not spending too much of money on stuff. We try to learn how to eat healthy and not just eat at the restaurant. ( we . I've been addict to deserts seens I meet him and ... Don't worry! I didn't agains weight but I try to lose more! LOL! BE BACK! ^_+

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Hey guys!

I know...has usually...its been 4ever..Ive been not really active in anything! I just missing to write some stoopid stuff about my world.

It change so yeah...where we at again? .... I lost for 53 pounds now and...Still want to loose a lil bit more. They call me the lil one! Sounds cute! I never been call small ! ^_^ ! I just have to keep it work...

So yeah...whut happen?...Did I tell you that I have a BF? ^_^ ! yes! Its been 2 month and almost 3 month in a few days. Hes Caucasian from France. I know him seen 3-4 years now...long time ago...He was someone that I know, ex bf. We just keep in touch... chit-chat and finally meet in person. I wasn't suppose to love him . It was for one of my friend but everyone keep telling me that hes really into me. Well I already ask my best friend to not expecting too much and we just wanna have fun. First meeting I thought that he was really into her and I became a lil bit mad and saying that the date was okay(inside of me I was a bit jealous cuz he didn't really talk to me). At the same night I text him and ask if hes really interest into my friend and he finally said that hes really into me and really shy so he didn't look at me whenever I turn around. We fix another meeting all 3 together and I realised
d that I fall in love seen day one, when I meet him.

To make sure that everything was fine, I went to Toronto with him into a road-trip for a day cuz he have to go there for work and we finaly confirm everything...seen that day I'm with him. My sweet love!

Its never late ! For the first time in hes life, he talks about kids and not afraid to tell me how much he loves me and that life spoiled us to be with each other. For the first time of my life I make a lots of stuff that I wouldn't thought. Hes my motivation in any ways...It's a pure example that life makes you stronger. We can't say''never'' ever....But that part that i'm into now....I just want to freeze it...! Time will tell but I still can't believe this...

I did so many stuff with him! He get me into sport shooting! Im so good for the first one! (yup! close to the middle!) ^_^! I got my own personal earcuff that I pimp myself cuz I can't find the color that I want! lol! I can't wait until the next time ! ^_^

BE CAREFUL! lolll! =PPP loll!!! 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sorry!!! I'm back 05/05/2013

Heyyy!!! It's been 4 ever!!!

Sorry1 I've been REALLY busy with my personal life. Actualy I start a new training, new diet and lost about

40 pounds.... Yup! 40 pounds...
I'm not a profesional but just let's say that I cut all the sugar/gaz drink and taking care of my body. I don't look heavy in those pix but trust me...I's insane..I will show you more of my pix whenever I lost just a little bit more..I realise that pplz know how to lose more of everything...but we just don't do it.'s almost the same things.... Sugar, exercise, eat less, eat at certain times....more info? Just ask! I will tell u!

-So...I really don't know whut to start...hmm...let's see...Almost of the famely knew about my brake-up  longtime relation. I start to check on the WEBsite for fun, maybe to meet a goodguy. Actualy...It's not my type of stuff cuz I did surf on it for a month and decide to cut it out. Whut I am suprise is that... I still in touch with one of those... Will see whut's going on...=P
At my age, it's hard to  date or just meet pplz. It can't be at the job cuz it's almost all a woman . All of my friends is also single so...where else can we meet pplz? lolll!!! I don't look old but that's another probleme cuz I do, caught pplz eyes...but the younger one! =_=! lol!

-So Yeah...Got a brand NEW CAR!!! yup!!!! Got a BERLINE, Honda civic 2013 in silver. I want it in White but too flashy. Where doI leave, it's not a good idea! lol.

-For my ex bf I do still keep in touch but less cuz He need time for himself...

- My babys are all FINE! they CHUBBY!!! Tommy is so adorable! lolll! I rename him Tommy Tiger , cuz he looks like a tiger! But I mostly call him TOTO! lol! sounds like TOTOro! lol!

Me and my Bro William xxx
-Got a new roomate who she install herself in a few month...It past pretty fast. I know her long time ago, she is one of my client for hairstyle!

- I went to Gatineau for my first panel and it wasn't that awesome ... I was really sick... I was stress and there was so manny thing happen but I meet new pplz to get in touch for the next time.

- Seens a few month I can't buy anything cuz I still loosing weight so I just make some donation for a fondation for so manny close! I don't give them all...just in case, u know! =P lol... but I do have to give a lots. I have to buy it too but for now..I'm buying by ebay and it's cheaper and casual. I still love those sort of LOOSE bat t-shirt!... sometimes I just cut the neck to keep wearing them lol.!

- I have my first weeding invitation for the next weeding and I also order someting from ebay. Will see how is look like...

GOSHH!!! so manny stuff...oh! Yeahh!!! I'm so into HOCKEY and the series just start!... I'm gona go to ROASTERS to watch it tonight with my cuz and my friend... ILL BE BACK!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Xmax and Happy New year!

4 days off!!!! yey!!!! 1! Whut ive been doing? Nothing much ! LOL! I was modeling my wig and omg! Im so happy of the result! ^_^ whut do you guys think!?

Someone ask me for a tutorial! I guess Im gona do one on my purple one that I bought... I just dunno how to style it..LOL! Its straight and Im kinda of running out of idea! LOL! Its all about the same but I guess I need to work on my patient....I can't wait to see the result.


Here is some pix of my Tommy! ^_^ : 

That cute thing is taking so much of my time! I love him so much! I love my 2 precious other cat tooo!!! !!! They keep me company and I feel that I'm not left alone. This year at Xmax party was curiously fast! I went to my famely and It was ...funny...dunno how to explain. I was afraid about questions but they respect me....ouff!!! thank Buddha cuz I dunno how to handle this. For now, I can't wait until 2013! Next time I talk about the Drama im 2 to suggest! ^_^ laterrrr!!! xxx 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tommy My cat!

Here is my lil Tommy! hes already 4 and half month now and gona be prepare to have hes surgery! (no babys! lol) for january 2013. Hes a male! (DUH!) and he likes to play really much. Even if he still a kitten he should eat hes food but He don't want to...errr...makes mommy mad at some part. He like to tease hes sisters . Hes fav toy is the laser! LOL! so cuteee!

Seens a baby, he have that cute lil chubby face! I call him potato face! lol!!! hes so adorable!!! I post more later ! im so tireee now cuz I work so much! lol!!! I was at my salon and at work!!! NEED money! so im going to sleep! niteeee!!!!