Saturday, August 28, 2010

week end off!

Yey!!! already the week end ... its saturday and I didnt do much today.For real! I was totaly off...of course I wash myself up DUH! but just doing my manucure and food and playing with my baby cats and that it! Talking about my babys! I like them so much! I spoiled them and they are getting fat.My BF always say that but I love Fat Cat! hey are sO cute hahaha!!!

my lil munchkin k.k =^-^=& my b.b(baby)
& my sweet b.b(baby)
= ^___________^ =

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday...a bit hard for the first day of the week!

I wasnt feeling so well cuz of my headache and my period.I feel like puking O_O...I didnt check the time at work and at least it past so fast!

I got the visite of my supervisor.First time meeting her and she likes our store.Our team was like:YESSS! lollll .We was relief!

Tomorow I have so much to do, but  at the same time Im so exite to learn something new.Actualy I have to prepare some stuff that we have to send + Im gona learn the cash(cashier) for a few hours and learn our piramid structure of the company.And at the end end...I have a meeting for the rest of the staff(that I already know)eat pizza and vine with them!

I just can't wait to see the final result ! ^_^

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Otakuthon 2010,Palais des congres,MonTreaL

So its been 4 ever...lots of stuff happen seens last time.Actualy I was a hairdresser and now I just got a new job in a new store for the brand name of UQAM(Université du Québec à Montréal ).Im in charge of the new place and do the GRAND OPENING .Im so nervous and exited with the new staff and stuff that we have.Its a big charge but with my experience and else I could DO IT! ^_^

I just need a job that secure myself in the future .Beeing a hairdresser its a good thing but not at my age.Ill do that has a hobie and has aside of my time cuz I like it a lotz.Im so in need of money.You would say, who don't? I really need to think about myself and the future and its a great decision.I never regret whut I did...I dont regret of going back to school and study into a haidresser and also taking that much of time.

Time will pass by and you can`t stop it.You just have to follow it.I love my job! ^_^
So...on last: friday-saturday and sunday(13-14-15 august) I was at Otakuton!I was cosplaying in ganguro/manba (pix on the top..yeah! its me lolll) well My fondation was a crap cuz I didnt apply well and didnt use the rite equipement so I went back home today and try it again just for the next time that I wanna cosplaying at the chintown in MTL hahaha!If you see a weird monster that you dunno how to describe...maybe it was ME!? LOL!

Better huh? LOL!!! looks more natural hahaha!!!