Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Tomorow is Halloween time! Its on monday...yeah...I's gona be short but still! I want some fun with my lil brother so I guess Ill prepare a lil something! We have fun last year ! ^_^

OMG! so manny stuff happen seens last time...remember I was in sort of depress so it happen...I get into fight with one of my best friend and we didn't spoke seens 2 weeks. Its like a old couple, like my bf we just need time.

whut happen? shortly I just tell her whut I was thinking about her cheap side and she didn't really take it and it's kinda cold and I just decide to let it down a bit.

Seens then I realise that I might need, do something for myself. I just watch so manny movie in a week. Like yesterday I went to see Puss in Boots . The day before was Paranormal Activity 3.

 3/5 stars

Puss in boots: It wasnt bad it just some part are so normal...kind of bored . I let you judge it by yourself cuz It kind of hard.I love Puss cuz I have to cats and love how they act so you can reconize them. For the rest and the story it kind of OK! Not the best but ok! =)))

 4/5 stars

Paranormal Activity 3: I was SCARE ! OMG! its been 4 ever that a scary movie don't catch my attention that hard! I was scare seen the first scene.Everything was so perfect beside something...The trailer. The trailer show you whut you can see if you buy the DVD! =/ ...yeah! that is the markething...different ends.Its anoying! =/

Wassup next in my life? I decide to change my hair! LIKE...BIG CHANGE! ^_^ ! I'm blond now! Yeah! it's sort of jinger...and its really blond with highlights. I did it twice and It tooks time to like it! For my eyes it was kinda weird! LOL! I wasn't sure and then...I LOVE IT! hihihi I just need some change! I look like a REAL Gyaru now! hahaha! Here some pix...besides...the color don't show that much but in real it looks more pale!

what else! Oh YEAH! I order from that website:
I order khmer dub cuz I'm cambodian and I understand a lotz so...I didn't know it's a copy , but that I don't mind...I just recieve this yesterday so it took more time than ever! and the box was broke and scratch up the dvd...I was so dissapointed T_T...I order 2 set of movies...they always keep reply in different email adress and didn't anwser my last question about discount for next time.Really bad service and bad stuff! I just have to cross my finger for my dvd!

Here is the proff of my dvd...I just open it and look whut the bad suprise that I found!I already send them the pix and they say that they are not responsable for the shipping problemes and it's the first time that is happen...T_T bad luck on me I guess...Damn!
Should I order from them anymore? O_o!