Sunday, September 5, 2010

Short or Long?

Still wanna cut my hair short but...I dunno....I could feel that Im gona regret Im not gona do it...for now! hahah!!!

Great long week end!!!

Machete by Robert Rodriguez
5/5 stars

I was cold for the second  time of this week.I almost felt sick but thanx buddha!
!Today was a strange day(looks like the weather lol) and my bf we get into fight for simple stuff but after he'smoke(he try to stop!) that was fine!We went to see ''Machete"by Robert Rodriguez.It was awesome! We laught a lots!

 And finaly we went to eat a good vietnamese soup,pho! Theres a lotz of pplz at downtown.We usualy go to the same one but there was a line up so we just change for this time.It was oishiiii !!!!

Meanwhile,yesterday I went to a animal pet shop with my mom and I see this couple cuty of lovebirds!and this couple of cockatiel.They are just SO lovely!