Thursday, April 5, 2012

First day back at work ! And news about me!

Hey there! YEEYYY!!! finaly! I remove my bandage! hihih!!! I can play with my wii! hhahaha! And post some stuff on my BLOG! ^_^ ! And...Its easter !lol! Like I care! LOL! I don't like chocolate! O_o! Yeah! I really don't like chocolate so I don't really care and ... I buddhisme so Im not catolic....Im just getting paid for the day off tomorow. Yey! more time to sleep!

I dunno if its only me, or cuz its about ages  ... im getting tireee so fast! I love to sleep! I could sleep for  12 hours in a row if I can.Its such a waste of time. I want to be more active! More movement...more alerte! oh well...Im getting to old...

I didnt do much for these past 2 weeks... I was watching all the freaking drama that past by on my desk and so to my mom house. It wasnt that pretty. The sky was so depress! I can't wait until today! whut a shinny sun! WOuhhh!!!! finaly! 

Last week end I was busy! Busy to go out! LOL! I went to see Sugar Sammy! He was Hilarous and AWESOME! Its been forever that we bought the tikets !  I got a pix with him and he's autograph! He is sucha sweetheart! ^_^

The day after, I went to Cabane a sucre! Its a sort of tradition from Quebec, the end of the month of march to go there, sort of attraction, place to eat and animals: like horses ride...Here a video: For the rest, it passes so fast! I already start from yesterday. It wasnt that easy cuz I just realise that it takes more than 2 weeks to be completly recover!