Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year! Goodbye 2010(a yeukkky! year)

Hey!!! Happy new year!!! its been 10 days and its a good start seens then...=))) I'v  had a wonderful New year eve with my friends and It was wonderful.We have so manny stuff to share and it was a pleasure to see everybody happy.For this new year I just wanna have some good moment and having something stable(im talking about my work) I just choose the pat of having something more in the office.Its not quite all cuz I still have more to learn.

I feel so free....kind of out of jell seens the past week.I just dunno why...I guess its becuz stuff beeing better now. I know whut I want and do my best to have it...If NOT well its not for me! I have the most wonderful boyfriend that a girl can wish and a wonderful famely that support me.Its all I can wish for the best gift.Thinking of losing them broke my heart in tears and I dunno if I would survive.Im so emotional...sorry haha!

My baby wanna say something too!!! hahaha! look at her chubby face hihih!!! and look at the gangster cat who took my pillow has a sit....grrrr....and she know that shes wrong ... lolll!

Its all good for now and wish everyone a good lonnnngggg lifeeee forever.Just keep stuff on the pat that suppose to be and like everbody.Just don`t care who ever who don't deserve it.Life is good! =))) laterrrr!!!!