Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sorry! I've been busy!

Hey hey! Its been 4 ever and seens then I just change job.Why? Again? I know!...just got kick out from the one I was talking about but anyways I didnt see myself doing that anymore cuz I was working alone and it was sort of boring.At least I just found a new one.I just got the call today!!! SO exitedddd!!! haha! Kind of lonely too cuz my ''boo'' is at Quebec city for a nite, for hes work so im sad that hes not here tonite to celebrate it but its ok! We will do something soon. <3

Whut happen seens? Its been 3 weeks that I was searching for a job got some interview and finaly got this one.Seens I was meeting with a guy who I meet at otakuthon for the parapara session.Im not that good .I follow some step but not that good at all cuz I didnt have time to practice.So one of the guy, Will , just got connect with whut I like too.No worry hes gay hihihi! He is just so sweet so we just decide to go to a karaoke.He brought hes friend and it was sOOoo fun! That nite I can't forget cuz we just have to sing our fav song and dance! Next one that we gona prepare its gona be on the first of december...omg...pass so fast! O_o...amazing...well yeah! I just can't wait...

Tomorow I have to go at work and sign a contract+ I have to make a schedule for the week im gona start.Will see whut happen! wish me luck and success! =D

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy late Halloween! ^_+

Hey there! Its been awhile! Can't you see my pix on tha left? O_o! Scarry huh? Hahah! It base on youtube makeup.I made it with glue and paper toilette! It stink like hell when I took it out! I pass a nice week-end even if I was working on saturday.It was a special for the inventory and I was late for the afternoon party.I went to the Otakuthon Halloween special and...MY GOD...!!! Whut a mistake cuz It was DAMN Not FUN at all! I was SOOooo mad cuz there was suppose to be food and stuff but NATHING! Even the music SUX! =(.It was my first time there and I got so manny complain to make on the FB wall...! Well its for a good cause! So they really don't mind....I guesss...lol

But after a few min we just went out.I went there with my best friend, her friend+her friend BF+ my cousin and then...I find another cousin that in a pass few years I miss sOoo much of news.He have hes car so we went out for souper.We eat chinese food...not those buffet or something....those REAL GOOD chinese food.I ate so much! It was Yummy!And we talk a lotz about life and the past few years.It reminds me of some of those '' OLD fashion Chinese love song" that  use to hear and guess whut...He Had some un hes car LOLLLLLLLLLLLlllllllllllll! OMG! We was like OMGGG!!! hahahah! I laught so much and it was a great nite after all.

I realise that in everytime we could have some fun...depend on you...=)
Ehh...I put another pix just to forget this scarry face! =P