Tuesday, October 12, 2010

4 days left b4 the week end again!

What a great week end...it past so fast! wouuhhh!!! hahaha! On friday nite I didnt do much seens today.I went to the grocery and bought so much of food! Even if I follow the list I think I bust my budget a bit but its OK cuz I didnt paid...my bf did hahaha! Well its for both of us so we switch time whenever if we have to paid something! Its kweel like that.

I went to LUSH at the mall and my god! I spend so much for lots of stuff! I just never take bath seens awhile cuz I tought its a lost of time but....I will take bath whenever I have to cuz Its so conforting. I just try ''the conforter bubble '' lol whut a coincident lol! (watch the video!).I bought some bomb that I didnt try yet but...sOOn!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Whut a happy day! It was so nice from the outside! It was sunny!!! ^_^ but still a bit cold! Its been 4 ever I didnt go to chinatown and my bf want to eat some shabu shabu!!!! it was oishiiiiiiiii!!! hehehe! and we went to some patisserie to buy some cake! I dunno I just missing drinking bubble tea so much cuz usualy I was ordering the tea with the lemon and honey but I just change my mind for my old almond tea with bubble!=)))

I went to the club video to rent some movie cuz im so into Resident Evil (yesss I repeat...Im a GEEK lolll).I dont play the game..just the new one on playsation 3 but the rest I just love to watch pplz play cuz Its freaking scarryyy haha.Specialy when you play alone in the dark!!! = O.So yeah I went to rent the movie cuz I just use to say I hate it but I just realise that I watch the second part...never I check for the first one so I decide to banned it for the rest...seens now the new one just came out so Im like...hmm...looks like its really popular so I just watch back and LIKE it a LOTS! Im watching the new one rite now ( yeah! Im a outlaw! LOL! =P) on the net well...whutever...I want the series! Even my lil brother like it seens yesterday.

I went to my parent house to watch the game and guess WHUT!!!.....WE WIN!!!! YEYYY!!! so KWEEL!!! at the tird period I tought we gona lose it cuz it was 2/1 pingouins...after that we reply  2 goals! AWESOME!!! ahhaha! I cant wait to the next game...its on Wednesday...so farrrr! lol!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

T_T we lost!

Nothing to enjoye...we lost....T_T...just to make pplz happy...here is me in BLOND! LOLLLLLLLL!!!

 HAHAH!!! >_<
theres another game this saturday....VS pinguins....will seee!!!! GO HABS GOOO!!!!! I guess im tireee... LOL!

Yeeeeyyyy!!! GO HABS GOOOooO!!!

Finaly! theres a hockey game tonite. Habs VS Leafs....its been awhile seens we visite Komi!(Komisarek
) I just can't wait tonite! I dunno whut I should do until the game.Im a FREAK of Hockey ! LOL! Big FAN hahah! hmm...I just got paid....I should go at 21Forever to shop a bit...I don't think its a good idea but I'll see...until that...suspense...hahah!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sorry! So busy!

Hello there! wouahh!!! its kweel to see that pplz pass by but you should leave some comment.By the way im not that active on this blog neither cuz Im to lazy but I shouldnt!

I just got my IPod Touch a few day ago and cant leave wihout it! There is so much options!Why I didnt get the phone?Hmmm...I guess I dont have the time to think about it yet! The 2 in 1 can takes lotz of battery and without my cellphone I dunno whut to do.

I catch a cold this evening and love the taste of tea and honey! yummyyy!!!! oishiiiii!!! hahaha .Its been so awhile that I just keep writing whut im thinking cuz it doesnt really make sense!lol! When im sick I specialy love tisane and tea cuz it keep me warm.!The worst taste that I hate the most is the cinnamon.I just can't stand it! I got headache just to think of it!

I went to Wall-Mart and Cosco early this morning and do you know how I hate pplz ...I mean CROWD off people.And I hate it! It makes me crazy! Thanx Buddha! It wasnt for me.My cousin just bought a huge PC from HP! Amazing! HUGE screen! HD! but...poor him.He like to draw and photoshop he's stuff in the computer and the card wasnt enought for him...the worst is he can't play starcraft 2

Talking about Starcraft, YEAHHH!!! Im a addict of it! Such a wonderfull game hahahah! Im a real newby and pretty slow and of course didnt have the time to practice again.But it just about the time so I will be able soon! muahahah! (laught of the devil! =3)

All rite! Its pretty late for now so laterrrr!!!!