Monday, March 26, 2012

LOOK ALIKE ! ^_^_____^_^

Hi there! just like mention there is more to go! Whut do u think? ^_^

Jang Geun-suk ( top pix) + Lee Hongki and Mir from MBLAQo

* whut so funny is that Lee Hongki was playing the same drama has Jang Geun-suk and they sure don't look alike at all cuz Hongki was blond  and Jang Geun-Suk was totaly black( complete oposite). In ''Star Gols bell'', korean show, Lee Hongki know that he looks like Jang Geung-suk and pplz keep saying that Mir looks like Lee Hongki,they was on the same show: look:

Son Eun Seo (left) & Seohyun (right)
*after filming a CF with Yoona , Son Eun Seo was caught pplz attention cuz she do really look like Seohyun in '' Strong heart'', korean tv show  :  .Pplz think that was Seohyung in the commercial : LOOk:  .She is now in the new couple in  '' We got married'' with  Donghae (super junior)

Off for 2 weeks!

Tomorow gona be exactly 1 week that i did my operation for my hand. It tooks 4 years before i decide to do that.It's a operation for a kyste. Its a good thing cuz they found another one under that! O_O sounds bloody but i just didnt check. Sorry guys for the late reply! i type with 1 hand and its not the usual one! Just wanna say that I still alive and I'm gona do something new soon!

I still gona make reviews for movies but else...I wanna so some pplz that look alike, pplz that is before/after plastique and a idea? lemme know! i will probably start it really soon! heehh! enjoye!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Yup! like I promise here is my BLACK HAIR!!! with my black extention that i bought a few month ago but can't wear them until now! day don't really start, im still in pyjama and don't wanna do something else than eat, drink, playing games and beeing a lazy ass for the day! so I get back later on ! LOL! just wanna post my new hair style! woot woot! hahaha! enjoy the week end! ^_^

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Week-end starting tomorow!

Hey there! Its not been so give up...I talking about my hair...yeah...I just turn into black now....T_T LOL! .... sorry! I didnt last for long...But im not gona touch it for long long time! I like it! Fake Black is not the natural one and its kweel! lol! I can't wait to get tan a bit too! ^_^ that pix of me its been last time that I went to fushia into black! It fade so badly...I look like a junky...hate it!(look at the shirt! all wrinkel lol) gona post more of my black hair later cuz I didnt wash it seens yesterday cuz I want the color to stay a bit longer and I always skip a day to wash my hair!

The other pix its a look alike with my hair now! More to come heheh! ^_^

I went to do my mom hair color and start to watch HATCHIKO movie with Richard Gere. Its a remake of the same title but in japanese. I use to avoid this movie cuz I saw the review wasnt so good from a korean show and I just regret it cuz it was WONDERFUL! I just cry about, more than 4 times when I keep checking the end part. Can u believe its about a true story! A real Hachiko! That japanese kind of dog is SOooo kawaiii! omg! I WANT ONE!!! 5 STARS for that movie! ITS so cute and SAD! Just to think of the end makes me wanna cry again...~sight~

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wonderful evening Yesterday!

This pix (left) was taken a week agoo!...and now the color still change and became more pale..more Flashy! O_o...awesome? ehhh...sort of...I wasnt expecting that...well I have to try the envy to redo it again and make them all black again!  o_o! loll You will see another pix down there for my real color with the sun into the room! u will understand how flashy it is! LOL...

So yeah! last friday was wonderful! I went to see '' Goon'' with my Boo. I just love it! If you don't like hockey and simple movie that based to a true story and with bloody stuff. Just don't see it cuz you will be disapointed. I heard lotz about the comment but still wanna take my own oppinion. There is Mark-Andre Grondin, a quebec actor that is such a HOT actor...but not in that one! LOL! Im such a hockey freak! But not this team is not going to do the series...oh happen! I just don't check it anymore
Here is my recent pix of my hair! u see its a bit dry and I didnt flat iron it! and I just attatch it into a bun so...I didnt make them really nice! O_o lolll

So yeah!I was talking about yesterday ( my brain is back LOl) After the movie, we decide to take a walk. It wasnt too hot and neither to cold. Just the perfect timing. No much of pplz around and lotz of lights on ! Downtown in MTL is so pretty at nite! We pass by '' Le quartier du spectacle'' on St-Catherine Street!  LO_Ok at the ligt! it was 1000 times more nicer than the pix! so KWEEL! I was so amaze! Its so funny cuz seens I change my hair color, everything to me, looks like my hair color! Lol! I love that a lotz!  I eaven eat beets and call it myself color! LOL! I realise how much we are so lucky to leave, breath, speack, eat...Just of beeing a human beeing and do what we like to do. It was a pleasure to admire those work from far. It doesnt take much to enjoy whut we have . Its such a pleasure to have someone that u like...that u love. Just beeing with my boyfriend and having a wonderful evening was a pleasure  of a life time. I just gona remember that moment. I love you honey!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Color and new review on movie!

Hey! im back again on the same took some pix for u guys for my new hair color! I know! its so flashy! Its awesome! I tought it would turn purple...deep purple...but I completly forgot that I did some highlights on purpose and it came flashy! ^_^

All the famous movie...its been forever that I watch chinese movies.Specialy TW (taiwan) movie.

So its Dear Enemy: That movie is ok! not so bad but it reminds me of Go Lala Go! . I hate to compare but its the same cast, same main caracter and strangely I can say that Dear Enemy could be the second part of Go Lala Go. I was so curious to check than...I saw why I feel it that way...Same director and the main actrice its all the same persone...O_O...I was like...WHUT!?! lolll....Well I watch Go Lala once and I just check it back! LOL!

The main caracter is so awesome...I dunno why but he have that something that I can't get my eyes off him! He is not that type that I will say '' HOT'' but he have that someting that is attracting .

The movie is all about working in the office. There is Hong Kong actor and actrice that is playing there too. I notice that each persone is like a files that u check in the computer when they have a title or some sort of important role.

If you have to apreciate '' Dear Enemy'' u have to see Go Lala first! ^_^ . I will say for both cuz for me its the same movie: 4/5 stars!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Snow March!

We are in march and there is snow!!! O_O! still keep falling...weird ! loll!!! oh well I don't complain! I love snow hehe!

So yeah! Its been awhile again and btw I'm not blond anymore! I just get tire of the roots! DRIVES me crazyyy!!!! arrrrgggg! Its been twice that I apply color on top cuz it doesnt stay and finaly... I got this color: 4RV from Vero-Kpak! OMG! Awesome! It doesnt show like the color on the pix ... I can't tell but its awesome! Got lotz of compliment! I dunno how long does it stay but will see...

I have some times to get some reviews that I guess u all looking for! LOL!  But first! on the last week! I wanna say something about my week end.

I went to the ''Nuit blanche" and It was awesome.LOTS of pplz...more than the last time. We didnt stand up all nite long but we went to a lotz of stuff that Ive never been. We went to the church to see a choral show. I realise that I Can't Stand it for more than 10 minutes. I got goose bumps...! SO BADLY! Its a weird feeling cuz the echo when trought everywhere and they don't need the speacker. We went to the SAT, a kind of nighClub/bar to see a flashmob that is badly done cuz theres is not much of pplz. But at least it was fun!  I film this : (video Down there! )

All rite...ill be back later with the movies and I will be back with pix of Cambodian fondue! hhaha! Im going to my mommy house to eat some! oishiiiiii! hahah! later! ( I know..Im crazy! LOL!)  JA~