Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Hey guys!

I know...has usually...its been 4ever..Ive been not really active in anything! I just missing to write some stoopid stuff about my world.

It change so much...so yeah...where we at again? .... I lost for 53 pounds now and...Still want to loose a lil bit more. They call me the lil one! Sounds cute! I never been call small ! ^_^ ! I just have to keep it work...

So yeah...whut happen?...Did I tell you that I have a BF? ^_^ ! yes! Its been 2 month and almost 3 month in a few days. Hes Caucasian from France. I know him seen 3-4 years now...long time ago...He was someone that I know, ex bf. We just keep in touch... chit-chat and finally meet in person. I wasn't suppose to love him . It was for one of my friend but everyone keep telling me that hes really into me. Well I already ask my best friend to not expecting too much and we just wanna have fun. First meeting I thought that he was really into her and I became a lil bit mad and saying that the date was okay(inside of me I was a bit jealous cuz he didn't really talk to me). At the same night I text him and ask if hes really interest into my friend and he finally said that hes really into me and really shy so he didn't look at me whenever I turn around. We fix another meeting all 3 together and I realised
d that I fall in love seen day one, when I meet him.

To make sure that everything was fine, I went to Toronto with him into a road-trip for a day cuz he have to go there for work and we finaly confirm everything...seen that day I'm with him. My sweet love!

Its never late ! For the first time in hes life, he talks about kids and not afraid to tell me how much he loves me and that life spoiled us to be with each other. For the first time of my life I make a lots of stuff that I wouldn't thought. Hes my motivation in any ways...It's a pure example that life makes you stronger. We can't say''never'' ever....But that part that i'm into now....I just want to freeze it...! Time will tell but I still can't believe this...

I did so many stuff with him! He get me into sport shooting! Im so good for the first one! (yup! close to the middle!) ^_^! I got my own personal earcuff that I pimp myself cuz I can't find the color that I want! lol! I can't wait until the next time ! ^_^

BE CAREFUL! lolll! =PPP loll!!!