Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Xmax and Happy New year!

4 days off!!!! yey!!!! 1! Whut ive been doing? Nothing much ! LOL! I was modeling my wig and omg! Im so happy of the result! ^_^ whut do you guys think!?

Someone ask me for a tutorial! I guess Im gona do one on my purple one that I bought... I just dunno how to style it..LOL! Its straight and Im kinda of running out of idea! LOL! Its all about the same but I guess I need to work on my patient....I can't wait to see the result.


Here is some pix of my Tommy! ^_^ : 

That cute thing is taking so much of my time! I love him so much! I love my 2 precious other cat tooo!!! !!! They keep me company and I feel that I'm not left alone. This year at Xmax party was curiously fast! I went to my famely and It was ...funny...dunno how to explain. I was afraid about questions but they respect me....ouff!!! thank Buddha cuz I dunno how to handle this. For now, I can't wait until 2013! Next time I talk about the Drama im 2 to suggest! ^_^ laterrrr!!! xxx 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tommy My cat!

Here is my lil Tommy! hes already 4 and half month now and gona be prepare to have hes surgery! (no babys! lol) for january 2013. Hes a male! (DUH!) and he likes to play really much. Even if he still a kitten he should eat hes food but He don't want to...errr...makes mommy mad at some part. He like to tease hes sisters . Hes fav toy is the laser! LOL! so cuteee!

Seens a baby, he have that cute lil chubby face! I call him potato face! lol!!! hes so adorable!!! I post more later ! im so tireee now cuz I work so much! lol!!! I was at my salon and at work!!! NEED money! so im going to sleep! niteeee!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Gomen! a bit too busy!

Red lips with my lil baby on BG!
Hi guys! I'm so sorry! I'm so busy seen Xmax and New year it's coming soon! I just when trough a lotz of stuff in my life (has usual! =_=!) I just put some random pix of myself to let you know that I still alive LOL! It still one of my first wig..still working on my next one!
 Im preparing for another convention! And..i'm gona dance some para para.You guys should know Night of fire!!! Yeah! that one! lol! We gona teach pplz about it! First teach ever! With one of my girl Parapara circle! im so exited!!! O_O a bit stess tooo lolll! OH! and I have a new baby cat! (got 3 now! llolll) hes a male and hes name is Tommy! =^_^= he is adorable ! I will post some pix soon! My mom is calling Miss CatWoman! loL!

I don't really check drama BUT! I'm so into Running Man show! It's so funny ! You just have to check this out:

So much of stuff to tell but at the same time I just don't remember...Oh! yeah! I have a probleme with my cell cuz I didnt get notice from you guys who are taking time to respond to my blog so REALLYYYY SORRRYY!!! =_= miss you all and I will do my best! for now...its a bit late and gtg SLEEPP!!! ZZZ!! nite nite ! xxx

Saturday, October 27, 2012

K-Drama!!! SOoOoo into it!

Hey guys! wassup! yeah! im already back cuz I wanna show some stuff ... lol!

Like pplz know Im still into ep 14 of  "Nice Guy"(Innocent man...or else...SO MANY TITLE FOR ONE DRAMA! aysshhh! ) , that korean drama. I just love it! So intense...but kind of boring at some part now...hmm...I'm kinda not feel that part with Ma-Roo and Eun-Gi. He don't really act rite...dunno how to explain it.Anyways...Im still on some GIF! to spoiled u guys LOL

Ma-Roo was Holding Eun-Gi all nite long in that position...wt...IMPOSSIBLE ! He's back didn't hurt at all! =_=//...LOL! 

OK! enought...soOo yeah! Im into Korean drama these day and can't wait anymore to watch another one. ONE THAT THE EP IS ALREADY OUT AND FINISH! aigOooo!!! lol! 


Description: A romantic comedy happening in Haeundae, Busan, where an elite prosecutor Lee Tae Sung (Kim Kang Woo) who lost his memory meets a daughter of former gangster Go So Ra (Jo Yeo Jung).

Where to watch: 

My Opinions: Nothing yet cuz Im still on it! 



I have nothing to say yet cuz I just start but sounds good. I saw lots of preview. The main caracter is SOo HOT! O_O! ouah! LOL! 

Liebster award

Hi there! yup! u don't dream!LOL! a bit more oftenly ! lap dance! LOL! RUN! LOL! ...ok...too much sugar for today! Im sOooo tireee but I just wanna post this for fun! 

Thanx For annie_ah for this award hahah! its so sweet! Arigato, kansamida, kob kun ka, THANXXX sweety! lol 

The rules of the award are:
1. When you recieve the award thank the person that gave you it and post the link to his/her blog in your post. 

2. Then you (receiver of the award) post eleven things about yourself
3. Answer the eleven things that tagger has set for you

1.Why do you blog? 
For fun! It's like to talk to someone that gona read it. (its fun for them too then its fun for both) ^_^

2.You're right-handed or left-handed?
Right-handed! right stuff at the beginning ! lol 

3.Your most embarrassing moment?
hahah ! im so Clumsy! There are so many!I would say...ehh...From something that reach the top. I didn't read the sign on the Man bathroom and when into it. NOBODY  yet...until I finish and heard someone (man of course) who is ... taking a p** and I still HELL didnt notice it...until I came out and didnt notice the guy who was standing there with BIG EYES. He was finish (thanx Buddah lol). I REALISE, when another guy came in, HE READ THE SIGN AND QUESTION HIMSELF with his eye, WHY THE HELL I came from the MAN side...LOL 

4.Books or movies?
Wahh!!! thats hard...I would say...Both...and depend on my mood...its weird cuz I just bought a book LOL! 

5.Your zodiac sign?
ROOSTER! in the MORNING! ^_+ 

6.You kind of quiet, or you like to party?
I would say quiet. I analyze a lot...

7.Do you like to play with fashion?
Hmm....yeah! sure!  

8.Your favourite movie/ book?
Im a weird person: In the mood for love (movie), Geisha (book)

9.Your favorite movie from your childhood
It's all about Disney! I love Sleeping beauty and Cinderella ! I watch it 100 times! LOL! 

10.What you like about yourself?
I don't know! U tell me! LOL! For now...nothing much...I guess I'm a good learner and a positive person 

11.Your favorite season?
Sakura day I will go to Japan for this event! >_< 

4. Choose eleven inspiring bloggers with under 200 followers and link their pages in your post. Then create eleven questions for them to answer

I don't really have the time to make a chain of this lil cute game but Here the girl who send it to me! ^_^ shes really cute and really sweet!

5. Go to their pages and tell them
Yup! I will! ^_^

6. No tag backs!
Don't have time anyways! T_T 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Drama time!

Hey guys! I promise to come back more oftenly . so into drama for this week end...and...I always have to choose the one that haven't been DONE so frustrated cuz I just didn't check and whut is seems to be good I just randomely press play on it...+_+ bad idea lol...

For sure I can't rate these drama, but it's a start so later, I can talk about it...
I sleep at 4-5 am in the morning! YEAH! I know..and a bit tireee lol...I got 3 hours of sleep LOL! 


Title: Innocent Man

Description: The drama is a melodrama which depicts the story of a man called Kang Ma Roo (Song Joong Ki) who has been hurt by a woman he loves called Han Jae Hee (Park Si Yeon) and how he continues his own life by using several women. He sacrificed his well being for his girlfriend only to be dumped by her for another man. Then, he sets off to take revenge on her with the help of his best friend. He approaches Seo Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won), the daughter of the chaebol group executive who lost her memory in order to execute his revenge.

Where to watch:

My Opinions: I don't wanna sploiled the drama but...if u are gona see it , just don't read the rest. There is 95 pourcent of a chance that the Main caracter wont be able to have a happy ending. It's a sad story with a love triangle. Really hard to understand the man caracter. But it's ok cuz we don't really know whut happen in hes mind. I just start to like this guy. He have a SEXY lips! omg! He's voice is damn sexy! so MANLY! lol! the girl main caracter seems to be mean at  first and she change after that...I won't tell u more heheh. I was so afraid that the main caracter would be Han Jae Hee. I don't like Park Si Yeon. The caracter fit her perfectly. Its on only with 10 ep. More to go....I CAN'T WAIT! its really ADDICT! the story, caracters...EVERYTHINGS! EVERY LIL DETAILS is awesome. The twist of this drama is totaly unbelievable!


Title: Miss Rose

Description: When a fortune teller predicted that Luo Si Yi was doomed to be a spinster, Luo wagered that she can get herself married within the year or she will pay the fortune teller a million dollars. As she dressed up for her dates, she also found herself armored up to help her new boss. Her boss, Gao Cheng Kuan, is known to treat his employees like screws that should be tighten or thrown away if rusted. She must snare a man while keeping up with her ever demanding boss, unless she wants to end up a debt-ridden spinster.
My Opinions: Ok! I dunno how many ep more of this drama but I'm already tire of 6 ep. Some part are so longggggggg, boring and lots of blablabla! I'm just gettting over it soon cuz It's a TW-drama and I wish there is only 20 ep! usualy it's pretty long and not much to say. There is nothing much for now ! I'm just getting caught by the image. Story is really simple and predictable! Still at ep5 and there is more... O_O

Monday, October 8, 2012

HALLOWEEN is coming and new project !

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy! some time cuz I'm always busy has usual! Trying to fight agains cold, fever and else. So...hmm...I dunno whut to start with:

Project for 2013! True! Getting heal from what happen from the by day...time by time...Step by step...its getting really hard for some part but im fine. I just find myself losing some appetite but getting back for winter. I just subscribe to a gym for only a month ($20.00 only! ) its a try... -_-! I'm starting tomorrow(got to stuck this into my mind!!! hehe) . I'm learning some dance practice for G-anime. Another convention. By the way I realise that I write english words so badly! Gomen!!! Sorry!!! LOL! So yeah G-anime its at Gatineau, Ottawa, 2 hours from Mtl by car and my BFF and I gona do a panel of parapara. Like I told you, im in a group of Parapara and we wanna spreads some of our routine for fun and dance !!! Royal Star Para is the first group in Quebec (where I leave). I'm too shy so you can't find a video of me yet...Not yet cuz We must film some at the convention! =_=...a bit stress about that but I guess will be .Its gona be my first appearance ! Gambatte!!! ^_=. We just receive some news today and if everything is ok we should performe at the end of January.

Im not those kind of persone who like to write a lotz cuz I know that pplz don't read it all and there are no LOTS of COMMENTS. I wanna my BLOG should be around Nice pix I found on the net, movies, drama....blablbabla....whutever that affect my VISUAL! hehe! I just got bored and watching some movies,playing games,surf on the net, parapara(this is good cuz im doing exercise hehe ) ... 



Title: Bad GirL : TW-Movie

Description: Tw-Movie,Bad Girls is a youthful romantic comedy about a high school girl Dan (Ella Chen) who has a chivalrous personality. She and her two best friends form a girl group called ?Bad Girls? in school to fight bullies. One day, a filming crew borrows Dan?s school to film a romantic movie. The male lead, Justin (Mike He) is a popular idol and the girls in school are going crazy over him. Dan is chosen as the female lead, starring opposite the arrogant Justin. Curious about Justin, Dan tries to find out more about him. But unknown to her and the others, Justin buries a dark secret deep within him.

My Opinions : Dunno why pplz rate this up to 80-90%.I just didnt get into all...story is so boring...from the start to the end...I love Ella Cheng and didn't recognise Mike He (from Devil beside you) at all! even in the poster LOL...anyways...Dan's best friend reminds me of S.H.E ( the group) same group has she Ella is!...Anyways...I let you guys decide cuz. 2/5 stars: 


Title: Rich Man, Poor woman : J-Drama 

Description: 29-year-old Toru Hinata (Shun Oguri) is a wealthy man. He first started to run an internet website from his small room and his hobby began to make Toru Hinata a lot of money. Nowadays, he doesn't like to socialize and if he somebody comes to him he suspects that they may want his money. Chihiro Sawaki (Satomi Ishihara) attends a job far and by an unexpected occurrence begins to work for Toru Hinata. Chihiro Sawaki soon realizes that Toru Hinata isn't so bad. There's pureness in him and also a good deal of loneliness. She also begins to have feelings for him

My Opinions : Ok! Everyone know How much I love the main caracter boy Oguri Shun). The role fit him so much. The only thing I should do next time , it's NOT READING SCANDAL about stars.That ruins my mood all the way for the drama. =_=! not a good idea. I just knew that Oguri got married to Yamada Yu  (no !that not about keep reading...) and he cheat on her with that bit** of Sasaki Nomomi...errr...I hate her...not becoz of that...well..not ONLY cuz I don't like her seen's Movies and saying that it's ok with THAT! ... now that I google stuff I just got a news that he cheated on her again with a member of AKB48...ok..enought la...! O_o...So yeah! the drama was great! The end was a bit ... disappointed but well...i'm not gona tell yall! ^_^. Other stuff that bothers me, its that the girl main caracter is poor but...she always having money and live on her own...well...dunno whut is poor for those japanese pplz hehe !The soundtracks is awesome! got to check this out!  Its a 4/5 Stars,it should be 5/5 if I didn't read all those crap! lol!

Video :

Thats it for now...I guess it wont let me write! later! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back for more!

All rite... I know..its been 4ever...sad news...and finaly some GOOD one...well.. for sure...I have to get over it for my new life now. So here some quick pix about my day of Otakuthon! ^_^  Enjoye...and there is lot more...

(left to right) Me and my best friend and Me and Lilly-Jo my Manba friend!
(left to right) they was so cute in DOMO team! ^_^ and that couple is STUNING!
Guess where I am!? lol...Me and my Team was doing a panel about Para-para! check ou some video:
Did u remember about Para-Para? Im in a Team and I do dance Para para but never film myself yet cuz im shy...maybe one day! a gyaru style....well...will see....So thats it for now...Ill post more of pix soon! ^_+

Monday, August 13, 2012

Busy with personal stuff and broken heart

Hi guys!

With the title I guess you know it all! I don't need to explain a lotz but after 13 years and 3 month we finaly decide to broke up. Well its more him... I guess I wasnt the perfect one ... sad..yeah well.. only time could tell me whut to do cuz rite now im pretty sad and lonely...but life is going on...I should keep myself up!

I guess I will never know how  to think cuz in my mind he was the one for me...but not him... I guess hes not ready to have a serious life in the futur. He keep always saying that hes still young...Whutever...

I get back to u! later!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Finaly back for a bit! lol!

Hi guys! I know..its been 4ever...Sorry! I was so busy and at the same time I was a bit confuse in life and jobs took lotz of my time too! I didnt even have time to clean up! I don't really wanna talk about my life but in certain time I guess pplz just ask themself some certain questions. Here some pix of me cuz for sure I turn myself back to JET BLACK! I hate it when it fade so I just did my hair twice! Not so bad cuz in reality I would done it early but I don't want to damage my hair.

Whut I use to protect them? Good question! Has u can see and know, I love to dye my hair! I change it  offently this year!
 I use has a shampoo BIOLAGE color care shampoo. It smell good, not expensive (buy the big bottle).

To protect it, whenever I blow dry or use the flat iron I use KMS Falout: Smell a bit too much at some part, a bit sticky.

I usualy use the L'OREAL TEC Hot style. Im not those type of persone who is wasting money and products so I prefer de L'Oreal one! I'll be BACK! (terminator voice ) loll!!

For the volume...I try so manny products cuz like i said I really have thin hair so whutever is mousse for make my roots crunchy.Forget about the roots lift!
SO I discover those kind of lotion spray and it doesnt make your hand sticky (wich is I hate the most...).My miracle was VOLUME ARCHITECT from l'oreal.Smell good, not expensive, protection for blow dry, not heavy for the hair!
I just decide to trade it for Pureology PureVolume. That is WONDERFUL! my hair is so puffy! The only thing is I have to apply it with my hand and it does make my hand sticky...well..its the sticky hand or the puffy hair lol!

Final touch I use my favorite lotion Maroccain oil. Just a dip and only at the tip I use my lotion. I use also the treatment for damage hair, to repair my hair!

Has a little hairdresser, like I always said to pplz. It fit you or not! lol! I know there is a TONES of products but however you have to try it. Even if you stuck with it!LOL!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

First day back at work ! And news about me!

Hey there! YEEYYY!!! finaly! I remove my bandage! hihih!!! I can play with my wii! hhahaha! And post some stuff on my BLOG! ^_^ ! And...Its easter !lol! Like I care! LOL! I don't like chocolate! O_o! Yeah! I really don't like chocolate so I don't really care and ... I buddhisme so Im not catolic....Im just getting paid for the day off tomorow. Yey! more time to sleep!

I dunno if its only me, or cuz its about ages  ... im getting tireee so fast! I love to sleep! I could sleep for  12 hours in a row if I can.Its such a waste of time. I want to be more active! More movement...more alerte! oh well...Im getting to old...

I didnt do much for these past 2 weeks... I was watching all the freaking drama that past by on my desk and so to my mom house. It wasnt that pretty. The sky was so depress! I can't wait until today! whut a shinny sun! WOuhhh!!!! finaly! 

Last week end I was busy! Busy to go out! LOL! I went to see Sugar Sammy! He was Hilarous and AWESOME! Its been forever that we bought the tikets !  I got a pix with him and he's autograph! He is sucha sweetheart! ^_^

The day after, I went to Cabane a sucre! Its a sort of tradition from Quebec, the end of the month of march to go there, sort of attraction, place to eat and animals: like horses ride...Here a video: For the rest, it passes so fast! I already start from yesterday. It wasnt that easy cuz I just realise that it takes more than 2 weeks to be completly recover!

Monday, March 26, 2012

LOOK ALIKE ! ^_^_____^_^

Hi there! just like mention there is more to go! Whut do u think? ^_^

Jang Geun-suk ( top pix) + Lee Hongki and Mir from MBLAQo

* whut so funny is that Lee Hongki was playing the same drama has Jang Geun-suk and they sure don't look alike at all cuz Hongki was blond  and Jang Geun-Suk was totaly black( complete oposite). In ''Star Gols bell'', korean show, Lee Hongki know that he looks like Jang Geung-suk and pplz keep saying that Mir looks like Lee Hongki,they was on the same show: look:

Son Eun Seo (left) & Seohyun (right)
*after filming a CF with Yoona , Son Eun Seo was caught pplz attention cuz she do really look like Seohyun in '' Strong heart'', korean tv show  :  .Pplz think that was Seohyung in the commercial : LOOk:  .She is now in the new couple in  '' We got married'' with  Donghae (super junior)