Sunday, March 27, 2011


I dunno why...I guess i'm thinking about another step of my life cuz I'm getting old. The age dosn't really matter but I could  see that my parent are getting old and I have lotz of mission to do.I want them happy!

I'm affraid of getting old and beeing rest alone for the rest of my is young ... I souldn't thinking about those stuff but happen ... my dark side is just saying some bad stuff....afraid of me huh? I'm such a weirdooo...lolll!!! Ok now...I'm going to check some movies! =))) later!

I was just need some change for this page so I decide to make something new! Like it? =)))

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Ok! Sorry for the longggggggggg waitttttttinnnnng time! I didnt touch this Blog seens the new year and we are at the end of march.Well  yeah! I still at the same work and still kweel around.I just bought my new iphone!!! WOUHHH!!!...OMG! ...well NO BIG DEAL when you already have a Itouch.The only thing stoopid Itunes don't update and I really really need the new Itunes...grrr...oh well I use my cuz seens today hahaha!!! He usualy like the same music has mine...quite a lotz but if not well I just have to delete it...

OMG! so much of talking about ...I just dunno how to start...Oh well..Im so hook to this drama: Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta ...can the title be god! I just can't say it hahaha! ... well I love the main caracters so much. I use to dislike Toda (Erika) ...but seens...I dunno...I guess it was Liar Game ... I totaly change my mind.She make the most cutesss,sensible,innocent, actrice ever in this drama and the guy..Miura Haruma Im just totaly amaze...he IS SOOOOOOO HOTTTT! OMG! seens Sky of love(Koizora) I can't took my eyes out of him! He is just so CUTE!!!! It's not finish CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE REST!!!!

Talking aout Haruma I just saw Kimi no todoke live action cuz theres a anime too so I was waiting seens this december and I was so dissapointed cuz first theres no sub yet(seens now but didnt have the time to check)second : EVERY movie that made, base from a manga...don't expect cuz it is the same story but at some part...kind of BORED! =/. I love the manga, I'm watching the season 2 rite now....but it kind of ehh...not the same story at all...I dunno... it kind of missing human feeling...Oh well I guess I have to rewatch it lol! 
Oh well ... enought of that Haruma ! Talking about JAPAN....did you see whut happen? Tsunami!!! O_O!

~Just a little dedication to PPLZ in JAPAN!!!! R.I.P to the famely,friends,belove pplz of the victimes...Ive been so touch about whut happen,the Tsunami kills so manny pplz and I just realise how short life could be...In my prayer and from the bottom of my heart I wish the best in future, please Buddha help them T_T...~