Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 2011 NY Here we come!

YEE! finaly back! Its been 4 ever everytime! Im really sorry! Im just so busy with all different kind of thing.First of all I wanna say that I lost about 12 lb...little by little.I just go back to the gym and Im totaly into it! I go there at least 3 times a week or if not I just do other activities outside(like bicycle....shoping?! lolll).On May 19 it was my bd and I didnt do much as I remember...I just feel that Im so old now...I wanna so something in my life.

This year I went to 3 weedings...and I still have another one in september.At that moment I just realise that I took so much of Weight and start to think that I should do something...I hate wearing dresses...but at the same time I just like it haha! It was fun to dress like a lil princess! =))) its my part of hime!^_^

I was thinking to change my haircolor a bit...Im SOOOoo tireee of my black hair...Im not ,at the same time cuz when I think of my roots...I just change my mind! lol!!

Got so much to talk and nothing...OMG! I need some sleep!!! laterrr! loll!!!