Sunday, November 13, 2011

Circle lenses! Like or Not?

Some pplz need some review about Circle Lenses! I was about to purchase my next circle lenses again but I can't decide. My normal diameter is already 14.5 and for some pplz it doesnt really change the size of my eyes...some can see it! Anyways my point is...there is 2 points ^_^ lolll..

1. Do or NOT, for Circle lenses?
2. Im undecide...wich one?

~I do like circle lenses .I like the fact that it I already need lenses! Why not to weir circle lenses if I usualy weir lenses!It's true that you can weir it more than 6 hours cuz my eyes keep tearing and hurt a bit more than usual.Well I don't really know how it works with usual lenses cuz I NEVER WEIR TRANSPARENT LENSES! lol! funny huh!? Yup! Seens long time first pair of lenses was a pair of turquoise or blue...I just can't remember! loll!

~ Now...I can't decide if I have to order another pair or not...I need to see my optometrist soon cuz I guess it's been more than 4 years that I didn't order lenses and check up my eyes. I need a new pair of glasses too! Its been 4 eva!!! loll!!! I want so much one of the the '' Tsubasa Bambi'' aka ''Princess Mimi'' series! But it's a 15.0 mm! O_O! I'm still thinking .... whut should I do?

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Do I really cosplay!? Yes! Am I a othaku! ??? Hmm....sort of??? lol! Whut is a cosplay!? O_O! COSPLAY= Costume+play=costume play=COSPLAY! Just look at the pix! hahah! We recognise some role that pplz costume! It's just awesome when someone making all the outfit and everything! It amazing...ehhh...not all the time...most of the time...! I cosplay in Alice like you see in my pix from Halloween but didnt come well cuz I tought with a blondy straight frindge with wavy hair would be nice....=/...ehh...not really...I wasnt happy...I was more happy at Halloween cuz the wig fit pretty well my skin tone...and I was so dark this summer! -_-' shy ...

I dunno whut to cosplay next year...but I was shoping by ebay(DUH! like usual! ) and...I LOVE the role of the ''White Hair Witch, Ni Chan''with Jackie Chang and Jet Li! She is Stuning! Her white hair and light makeup is awesome! I just wanna to be like her! Talking about the White Hair Witch, their is a legend about her! Why her hair became white? You know how much I love drama and movie! lol! You have to see "The Bride with White Hair 1'' and the 2 .I just have to choose or make the dress out the movie...the dress is hard to make.O_O! LOL!

A few weeks before... I was searching for the caracter of Dead Master, Black★Rock Shooter Cosplay(Vocaloide). So simple to make! simple to buy! lol! BUT! the caracter have that kind of ''toy'', the dead scythe.So expensive and so hard to make...-_-'...I'm soOooo undecided!

It's weird cuz it seems that I'm so into the bad side with those cosplay! LOL! They both for the vilain ! muahaha! (evil laught! )

Well! Finaly I still have the innocent one that I wanna make...really...ehh...I was about to say easy but shes not easy...''Spice and wolf ''She looks easy .. but she have a fox tail! O_o!Yeah! she is a human/fox...a gumiho in korean! Like the movie! ''My GF is a Gumiho''! That I'm gona put a review on it next time cuz there is too much info in here! hahah! Anyways I'm not done yet! I just lost the last disk so..I have to watch it online! lol!

-So guys help me to make my decision! I DUNNO WHUT TO CHOOSE ! O_O !

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Movies and Drama addicts !

I'm a real fan of drama...I look at 2 in the same time! lolll!!! When I get bored I just pass to the other one! I don't do much this week end!
I don't even have a costumer beside to do my mom hair for tomorow cuz she have a weeding nite! It's weird cuz usualy pplz getting married on saturday...She told me becuz it's much cheaper! Ah well! I still have some jobs to do for next week! One of my friend ask me to have a red/orange flash color ( she use to be BLACK HAIR!) omg! whut a challenge! O_O!

So about my drama! Pplz know how much I love K-J-C and Thai drama! I finish Ruk Nai Marn Mek ( A Cloud of Romance) staring Tle Tanapol and newcomer Min Pechaya. Min is so pretty, she have everything! Her face,her body,her smile! E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! She is perfect! I'm so jalouse of her besides not really with the main boy caracter cuz Tle Tanapol is not my type at all so I wasnt into that drama so much. I think Min is crying for nothing and she should be more stronger...but the script is from a old drama so I don't think
she can change anything! The story is so cheesy! The bad caracter
who is play by Yok Thanyakan Thanakitananon who I thing is such a godess, so pretty in other way too was so bad luck cuz if we thing another way. If she don't have the story with the other guy and don't do those bad stuff she could be so vulnerable to be abandoned by the main caracter cuz he fall for other girl cuz he's been force to married. Well! shes bad so we don't think about that! If it's was me I guess Ill do the same thing but in smart way! I finish it cuz I skip a disk and go rite to the end! LOL!

Ok that one Secret Garden! I didn't finish it ! I'm scare to the end cuz Korean drama is not always a HAPPY ending! I cross my finger that everything will be fine! I just love the part with the Cofee cream! OMG! I just keep watching and watching, that part! I have to share it to you guys! ^_^

I really dunno whut to start beside that is beeing so good but that makes me realise that the ''magic switch'' kind of blur,replacing by the ''magic of love''...I dunno whut to think about rich and poor pplz cuz in real life I'm not sure that the couple can succombed to that big differences. This is what we can see between the second couple which is play by Yoon Sang Hyun and Kim Sa-rang. I'm not gona talk about this in case of you guys see it! and of course until I finish it! (tonite! lolll hehe).

Seens long time ago, MY first real drama (it was a movie) was 100 days with mr.Arrogant play by Ha Ji Won that I admire so much cuz she is a good actress ever! In that drama she prove it again! She is a real natural beauty! And Hyun Bin omooo!!!! he complete the other half! Its like the moon and the sun, the black and white!( Such a pretty couple...besides they are not real T_T! ah well! we can still dream about him then! lolll!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My costume!

Take a guess who am I!!! =PPP lolll!!! its not my real hair btw! Its my Wig again! OMG! I love this wig! pplz always think that its my real hair! =))) Me and my lil brother pass one of the perfect Halloween again! Empty of candys and lotz of fun! Yey!!! hahah!