Sunday, September 25, 2011

Not So farrr!!!^_^!!!

Hey! Finaly it wasnt that farrr ahaha!

Im less depress and wanna take some times for myself now. I was wondering whut I should do at work to make it more fun!...stuff come by time... then we have to visite some school to make promotion for our stuff! It does change someting in my life! It makes my routine more interesting cuz it does change! I just remember when I was at school that time and the only thing we have to care is when we have our break and! It was so fun!

After that I just make a decision that I should go back to school...yeah...! again!!!!  I just got myself into a night of information about some courses at night. I tought it would be great but ... I can't concentrate cuz she said that we only got a book and we come in the class and study and if we have questions, we just ask the guy in the front....BORINGGGGGG!....I can't !!! OMG! and the I just got the idea about course by distance.I call and they told me that I should recieve the info by the post.

I just got everything and my god! Its BIG and so much of info. I call a girl that took the same class that I know from work. She told me that is wonderful cuz she use to take the same patern that I did...Seens then..I guess I choose to take a chance! Im not a persone who can stand the same stuff and none interest in not get the evolution of anything...I Need to grow! Not too much cuz Ill be BIG FAT GIRL hahah! :P~ will see later on~

I dunno whut happen to me theses days.I love to watch movies that it last for long! Exemple: Spider man 1-2-3...Batman 1-2-3 and I love the SUPER HEROS MOVIES! I just get X-man (the packages for $15.00CAN)and my bf got Kick-Ass($20.00 dvd,blue-ray package).My baby got into super-hero too! lol! ...etc....I just need to reconect with my playlist of movies! haha! Its been awhile!

Finaly the new NHL seasons its back soon! I can't wait cuz I got tickets from my cuzy for the pre-season! OMG! I was so close to the HABS team! I just can't believe it! I was there when P.K (Subban) put the pock on the net! WOUUUHHH!!! Awesome! I just can't wait to see more of the season...Im a REAL FAN!!!! =)))

I guess my mood goes with the temperature...Its not cold yet! Its even too hot! Its scary at some part cuz the planet get confuse with all of these things...Makes me realise that its been 10 years now seens the september 11...I just can't believe that everything seens then happen to all of these pplz.Life if really hard.Why some are poor and the others are just so rich...why pplz are so mean and selfish. Ill be more careful with all the thing im doing ... just sherishing whut I have !

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to reality!

Heyyyy!!! YEAHHH!!! A while againnn!!! loll!!! Ive beeennnn sooo busssyyy!!! of course I came back from NYC and Otakuthon this years was DONE!....after Otakuthon I feel that everything its a bit boring...summer is gone, not sor far but we can feel it; temperature is much cooler,the sunset is starting sooner...However!  

I feel a bit depress of thinking of whut I should do in future.I like my job for now but I can't stand some stuff: exemple: to know that we don't really get enought paid for what we insurance before a year....stuff like that, that makes me depress....I guess I should start to look for something else...

Its always like that seens a few years, seens I start my call has a hairdresser....I keep looking for whut I should do!

Anyways talking about NYC I was so happy to go ova there! It was amasing! We didnt visite le liberty status but we stay in Manhattan most of the time, for 3 days. We shop a lot...we walk a lot! The subway ova there was having a A.C! We just miss that part when we came back to mtl...No A.C...=/ lol!

Besides after that even we saw NKOTBSB...YEAH! Hell YEAH! New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys, here in MTL! The show was AWESOME! So much of ''souvenir'' OMG! Back In the days hahah!

and finaly I went to Otakuthon! (WOW! whut a week ahhaa)  I was cosplaying in Alice and...I wasnt happy cuz the costume ova there became really much more sophisticated...Pplz was DAMN HOT! OMG! I can't compare to them...Hell NO! I was a bit disapointed about my cosplay...=/ and get a bit depress seens.

Ah well! I have another even that is call: Pique-nique Victorien that is coming this week-end.Actualy the point to go there is to COSPLAY! hahah! I have a nice dress that I wanna wear and for now with this perfect temperature its so kweel to wear a wig! lol!...anyways...laterssss!