Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Xmax and Happy New year!

4 days off!!!! yey!!!! 1! Whut ive been doing? Nothing much ! LOL! I was modeling my wig and omg! Im so happy of the result! ^_^ whut do you guys think!?

Someone ask me for a tutorial! I guess Im gona do one on my purple one that I bought... I just dunno how to style it..LOL! Its straight and Im kinda of running out of idea! LOL! Its all about the same but I guess I need to work on my patient....I can't wait to see the result.


Here is some pix of my Tommy! ^_^ : 

That cute thing is taking so much of my time! I love him so much! I love my 2 precious other cat tooo!!! !!! They keep me company and I feel that I'm not left alone. This year at Xmax party was curiously fast! I went to my famely and It was ...funny...dunno how to explain. I was afraid about questions but they respect me....ouff!!! thank Buddha cuz I dunno how to handle this. For now, I can't wait until 2013! Next time I talk about the Drama im 2 to suggest! ^_^ laterrrr!!! xxx 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tommy My cat!

Here is my lil Tommy! hes already 4 and half month now and gona be prepare to have hes surgery! (no babys! lol) for january 2013. Hes a male! (DUH!) and he likes to play really much. Even if he still a kitten he should eat hes food but He don't want to...errr...makes mommy mad at some part. He like to tease hes sisters . Hes fav toy is the laser! LOL! so cuteee!

Seens a baby, he have that cute lil chubby face! I call him potato face! lol!!! hes so adorable!!! I post more later ! im so tireee now cuz I work so much! lol!!! I was at my salon and at work!!! NEED money! so im going to sleep! niteeee!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Gomen! a bit too busy!

Red lips with my lil baby on BG!
Hi guys! I'm so sorry! I'm so busy seen Xmax and New year it's coming soon! I just when trough a lotz of stuff in my life (has usual! =_=!) I just put some random pix of myself to let you know that I still alive LOL! It still one of my first wig..still working on my next one!
 Im preparing for another convention! And..i'm gona dance some para para.You guys should know Night of fire!!! Yeah! that one! lol! We gona teach pplz about it! First teach ever! With one of my girl Parapara circle! im so exited!!! O_O a bit stess tooo lolll! OH! and I have a new baby cat! (got 3 now! llolll) hes a male and hes name is Tommy! =^_^= he is adorable ! I will post some pix soon! My mom is calling Miss CatWoman! loL!

I don't really check drama BUT! I'm so into Running Man show! It's so funny ! You just have to check this out:

So much of stuff to tell but at the same time I just don't remember...Oh! yeah! I have a probleme with my cell cuz I didnt get notice from you guys who are taking time to respond to my blog so REALLYYYY SORRRYY!!! =_= miss you all and I will do my best! for now...its a bit late and gtg SLEEPP!!! ZZZ!! nite nite ! xxx