Tuesday, June 29, 2010


hi there! Sorry for the boring day cuz Im SOooo busy these day with work and also my new appartement! Finaly Im moving from my lil 2 1/2 for a 4 1/2! Yey!!! So happy! LOL But I miss writing some stoopid stuff about my boring life! Ah well I could see that pplz is passing by! Just leave some comment! I dont bite! =P lol! Be back really really soon with lotz of pix! hihih!!! ^______^ ~

---For now just a lil happy memorie during these days! LOL!---

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

J Fest VOL 4

*Don't know whut the heck im talking about? Whut is JFest? here is the link: http://jfest.studiobatsu.com/ 

I dont remember when was the last time I went out and drink alcool!I went to the J fest for the second time and wasnt disappointed.I guess they do read whatever pplz send them by mail cuz I did make comment about the music!I feel really old cuz all of those pplz looks really young heheh!We went really late this time and return back at 1 am cuz I'm working the day after.

That sunday I was working for the first time to cut pplz HAIR!!! wouhhhhh!!! my god! I was damn stress! But It was kweel! I made 1 woman and 2 man....! One of them is my cusin co-worker! Whut a small town haha!!! I didnt take any pix cuz its sound newby and I dont wanna make them think that I am.Well I am in the salon but not in life.

Its my last week before my exam...I cant wait! I just pray that everything will go well cuz they are no preparation or something...its all about computer....wish me LUCK!!! ~ (= >_<=)~ yey panda!~ loll!