Sunday, December 11, 2011

November 2011 Busy...its almost Xmax time! O_O!

Hi! ^_^
I know! I didnt post lotz of stuff cuz Ive been SOOooo busy theses days...Xmax take so much of energy! Its amaze! Not to buy pplz gift...but to fight with pplz in stores! LOL! jk! I don't like CROWD pplz! Makes so crazy and nervous! I Hate it when you have to squeeze or make it quick when you are sweath like a pig to try stuff...errggg...Hate it...I like to take my time .SO! wassup then? hahah! eh...I didnt do much than work, eat,watching dramaz, playing zelda and sleep...
YEAH! WHUT!!! DRAMAS AND ZELDA!!!! YESSSSS! LOL! I bought Zelda skyward of sword! Graphic are AWESOME! LINK is DAMN HOT! ouff! LOL! I don't really like the way we use the wii  motion and I need to buy the wii motion plus! -_-'...sight~ whut else...ah well my cuz just bought it for my Xmax present! hahah! and on bonus I have bomb game...don't remember the name, that come with it. Zelda is Zelda cuz we always meet almost the same situation but to tell you the true, for the first time I use cheat cuz I wanna see so badly the story. There are a lil bit too much of item to many buttons to know by heart. Another thing...I love ZELDA caracter but...this one...ehhh...dunno whut happen but shes not pretty has usual. I guess its the dunno...maybe cuz she looks like a doll or...her nose? whutever ! LOL Its pretty good seens now! haha! 

DRAMAS: So yeah! Secret garden end was OK! but during all the episode I just love the way Wonbin act...he was totaly in love with her and until the end. I dunno why but the end of every k-drama is not that kweel...I just think that they emphases too much the middle that
they just too poor in the end. Like Cofee prince that pplz say that is SOoooo Good...ehh...not my opinion. I just finish it today and OMG! The last disk was FOREVER! I dunno whut they should talk until the last part...the guy just know that shes a girl and hes not gay and he love her and...well just finish it nicely...but ... NO! they just  extend the stoopid end...and whut is it...Im not gona say the end but don't you feel that drama its always soOooo easy to skip a year or two..even more than a year to complete whutever they have ... in beetween the year whut happen....TO LONG to explain ... so they are juste like : 2 years you think that in real life they gona stay together...yeah...pplz are gona say : well its a movie, a drama... so it makes way....they just cut it off .... I don't want the end to be extend but its predictable!