Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Show off whut is really useful!

I just wanna show you whut is my favorite sirop for my hair these days...gosh! I pass so much my flat iron and use a lotz the blow driyer...my hair is diying...my gosh...By chance! I win something really useful! Actualy, I didnt win it.At the salon that im working just give it to me ^_^!!!''MAROCANOIL!!! you have to buy this! Its really helpful!Pplz at my salon are so nice with me! It was suppose to be a contest but with my hard work they just give it to me has a present on my BD! Thanxxx!!! ^__^

Monday, May 24, 2010

We lost!~ T_T~

Habs lost today and they are going to play golf...I feel so sad...see you next year! T_T SNIF~! Anyways today was the day of my succes in the industry of the hair.Well!Sort of cuz I pass my test has a hairdresser for this summer and once a week im gona cut,color and doing a brushing for costumers! Yey! SOOoo happy hiihi! Its gona add more hours and more paye! Im gona do whut I love to do!I did my client like Drew Barrymore hairstyle when she had those cute curl and blondy hair! She was so happy and look soOOo cute with it...and...I didnt takes photos of her but I found Drew hairstyle ! Just imagine base color in chesnut+ highlights brownish and blond!

Super belle journee!!! ^_____^(23/05/2010)

Il faut que je mets les dates car j'ecris les blogs tres tard donc il est presentement 1h16 du matin et je ne suis pas encore coucher. Il y a quelques jours(mercredi le 19 mai) c'etait ma fete....oui!J'ai commander du poulets au arachides avec des epinards.Je ne crois pas y retourner malgrer les belles presentations...car j'ai ete un peu malade....Je sais pas si c'etait juste moi mais je vais en parler a mon amie qui a elle aussi commander la meme chose que moi!

 En ce jour mon copain et moi sommes aller a la Citronelle pour manger notre plat favorit....poulet-legume dans des nouilles frit et un bon verre de Perrier,glace+citron(je viens de vraiment aimer ca!)YUMMYYY!!! c'etait vraiment bon!Ca fais vraiment longtemps qu'on n'est pas aller puis on c'etait prommener sur la promenade Fleury! C'est tellement beau!Il fesait chaud! J'ai pris du teind!!!(YEEHH!!! lol!!!) Mon but c'est d'avoir un beau teind pour l'ete! Jveux bronzer! hehe! Une chose qui etait pas le fun...c'etait une cliente qui etait rentrer avec son petit garcon ... Une femme qui voulait vraiment de l'attention...probablement divorcer qui parlais vraiment fort puis qu'on entendait ses JK rasisme et plate...fallais que ca tombe sur une jk de chinois et de paki...puis...le Pakistan ca vient de l'Arabe depuis quand?...Anyways...j'ai achetter mon petit cochon de timer-cooking! Je vous le montre la prochaine fois!

Yesterday(2010,sunday,may 22)

Habs lose! =( I was so mad cuz they didnt play well...It was play at Bell center and there's a lotz of pplz in downtown who was wearing Habs T-shirt! Cant u see on the pix from the other side of the train and in the train...my god! SOOOoo manny pplz! Well tomorow they have to win cuz not...its gona be the end!=(((! Hope NOT!!!
At least my mom made a good cook...I help her to learn a lotz.Usualy im not into cook but I dunno why...seens a while I just try to be more helpful.Also she looks tire so I just help her! I love my mommy and her food! haha!!! =D~ On the pix we made ''Bang-Cha-hou'',cambodian food.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tomorow! goOOo habs GOOooo!

I am a big fan of the HABS! YEAH! Les Canadiens de MONTREAL! ^_^ Tomorow is the fourth match VS the flyers.I cant wait! By chance I finish at 2pm and I will watch it in BIG SCREEN at my parents house with my lil bro! We are a big fan! CANT WAIT!!! its 2-1 for the flyers for the series! GOOOoo HABS GOOooo!

Ma vrai page d'acceuil

HellOoo!!! Just wanna introduce a bit of myself.They call me So,Lyly or Kaiide.All the same! Why So...cuz is a diminutive of my real name.Why LyLy? Cuz I use that nick name seens a while agoOoo.Why Kaiide? Cuz I heard that on japanese anime and I ask one of my friend whut's that mean.She told me is mean maple but it doesnt really spell like that...it use to be ''kaede'' in romanji so it just look weird in french and I just change it for Kaiide.At the end just call me Kaiide!LOL!

I do it quick cuz I hate doing the same thing!

::Usualy ask::
-Where are you from: Im born in Thailand border of Cambodia,my mom and dad are Cambodian/Chinese
-Do you speack those 3 languages: Only cambodian+french and englishWhy are you so white for a cambodian:I guess its b-cuz my grand parent's are pure chinese
Whut kind of chinese(dialect) do they speak:Teochew
-How old are you: ehh....I look young but age its just a number and a image its just a personal view so...take a guess hahah
-Are you single: Nope! its been 11 years that I am with him ! ^_^ take a guess of my age now hahah!
-Got any sibbling:Yeah! A young bro that I love a lots! He is autisme(click if you wanna know whut is it).Be he is a good boy and don't hurt anybody! <3

Im gona add lotz of pix of a few stuff that im gona do and let you know about my thinking of the day...~ Later~