Sunday, December 11, 2011

November 2011 Busy...its almost Xmax time! O_O!

Hi! ^_^
I know! I didnt post lotz of stuff cuz Ive been SOOooo busy theses days...Xmax take so much of energy! Its amaze! Not to buy pplz gift...but to fight with pplz in stores! LOL! jk! I don't like CROWD pplz! Makes so crazy and nervous! I Hate it when you have to squeeze or make it quick when you are sweath like a pig to try stuff...errggg...Hate it...I like to take my time .SO! wassup then? hahah! eh...I didnt do much than work, eat,watching dramaz, playing zelda and sleep...
YEAH! WHUT!!! DRAMAS AND ZELDA!!!! YESSSSS! LOL! I bought Zelda skyward of sword! Graphic are AWESOME! LINK is DAMN HOT! ouff! LOL! I don't really like the way we use the wii  motion and I need to buy the wii motion plus! -_-'...sight~ whut else...ah well my cuz just bought it for my Xmax present! hahah! and on bonus I have bomb game...don't remember the name, that come with it. Zelda is Zelda cuz we always meet almost the same situation but to tell you the true, for the first time I use cheat cuz I wanna see so badly the story. There are a lil bit too much of item to many buttons to know by heart. Another thing...I love ZELDA caracter but...this one...ehhh...dunno whut happen but shes not pretty has usual. I guess its the dunno...maybe cuz she looks like a doll or...her nose? whutever ! LOL Its pretty good seens now! haha! 

DRAMAS: So yeah! Secret garden end was OK! but during all the episode I just love the way Wonbin act...he was totaly in love with her and until the end. I dunno why but the end of every k-drama is not that kweel...I just think that they emphases too much the middle that
they just too poor in the end. Like Cofee prince that pplz say that is SOoooo Good...ehh...not my opinion. I just finish it today and OMG! The last disk was FOREVER! I dunno whut they should talk until the last part...the guy just know that shes a girl and hes not gay and he love her and...well just finish it nicely...but ... NO! they just  extend the stoopid end...and whut is it...Im not gona say the end but don't you feel that drama its always soOooo easy to skip a year or two..even more than a year to complete whutever they have ... in beetween the year whut happen....TO LONG to explain ... so they are juste like : 2 years you think that in real life they gona stay together...yeah...pplz are gona say : well its a movie, a drama... so it makes way....they just cut it off .... I don't want the end to be extend but its predictable!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Circle lenses! Like or Not?

Some pplz need some review about Circle Lenses! I was about to purchase my next circle lenses again but I can't decide. My normal diameter is already 14.5 and for some pplz it doesnt really change the size of my eyes...some can see it! Anyways my point is...there is 2 points ^_^ lolll..

1. Do or NOT, for Circle lenses?
2. Im undecide...wich one?

~I do like circle lenses .I like the fact that it I already need lenses! Why not to weir circle lenses if I usualy weir lenses!It's true that you can weir it more than 6 hours cuz my eyes keep tearing and hurt a bit more than usual.Well I don't really know how it works with usual lenses cuz I NEVER WEIR TRANSPARENT LENSES! lol! funny huh!? Yup! Seens long time first pair of lenses was a pair of turquoise or blue...I just can't remember! loll!

~ Now...I can't decide if I have to order another pair or not...I need to see my optometrist soon cuz I guess it's been more than 4 years that I didn't order lenses and check up my eyes. I need a new pair of glasses too! Its been 4 eva!!! loll!!! I want so much one of the the '' Tsubasa Bambi'' aka ''Princess Mimi'' series! But it's a 15.0 mm! O_O! I'm still thinking .... whut should I do?

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Do I really cosplay!? Yes! Am I a othaku! ??? Hmm....sort of??? lol! Whut is a cosplay!? O_O! COSPLAY= Costume+play=costume play=COSPLAY! Just look at the pix! hahah! We recognise some role that pplz costume! It's just awesome when someone making all the outfit and everything! It amazing...ehhh...not all the time...most of the time...! I cosplay in Alice like you see in my pix from Halloween but didnt come well cuz I tought with a blondy straight frindge with wavy hair would be nice....=/...ehh...not really...I wasnt happy...I was more happy at Halloween cuz the wig fit pretty well my skin tone...and I was so dark this summer! -_-' shy ...

I dunno whut to cosplay next year...but I was shoping by ebay(DUH! like usual! ) and...I LOVE the role of the ''White Hair Witch, Ni Chan''with Jackie Chang and Jet Li! She is Stuning! Her white hair and light makeup is awesome! I just wanna to be like her! Talking about the White Hair Witch, their is a legend about her! Why her hair became white? You know how much I love drama and movie! lol! You have to see "The Bride with White Hair 1'' and the 2 .I just have to choose or make the dress out the movie...the dress is hard to make.O_O! LOL!

A few weeks before... I was searching for the caracter of Dead Master, Black★Rock Shooter Cosplay(Vocaloide). So simple to make! simple to buy! lol! BUT! the caracter have that kind of ''toy'', the dead scythe.So expensive and so hard to make...-_-'...I'm soOooo undecided!

It's weird cuz it seems that I'm so into the bad side with those cosplay! LOL! They both for the vilain ! muahaha! (evil laught! )

Well! Finaly I still have the innocent one that I wanna make...really...ehh...I was about to say easy but shes not easy...''Spice and wolf ''She looks easy .. but she have a fox tail! O_o!Yeah! she is a human/fox...a gumiho in korean! Like the movie! ''My GF is a Gumiho''! That I'm gona put a review on it next time cuz there is too much info in here! hahah! Anyways I'm not done yet! I just lost the last disk so..I have to watch it online! lol!

-So guys help me to make my decision! I DUNNO WHUT TO CHOOSE ! O_O !

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Movies and Drama addicts !

I'm a real fan of drama...I look at 2 in the same time! lolll!!! When I get bored I just pass to the other one! I don't do much this week end!
I don't even have a costumer beside to do my mom hair for tomorow cuz she have a weeding nite! It's weird cuz usualy pplz getting married on saturday...She told me becuz it's much cheaper! Ah well! I still have some jobs to do for next week! One of my friend ask me to have a red/orange flash color ( she use to be BLACK HAIR!) omg! whut a challenge! O_O!

So about my drama! Pplz know how much I love K-J-C and Thai drama! I finish Ruk Nai Marn Mek ( A Cloud of Romance) staring Tle Tanapol and newcomer Min Pechaya. Min is so pretty, she have everything! Her face,her body,her smile! E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! She is perfect! I'm so jalouse of her besides not really with the main boy caracter cuz Tle Tanapol is not my type at all so I wasnt into that drama so much. I think Min is crying for nothing and she should be more stronger...but the script is from a old drama so I don't think
she can change anything! The story is so cheesy! The bad caracter
who is play by Yok Thanyakan Thanakitananon who I thing is such a godess, so pretty in other way too was so bad luck cuz if we thing another way. If she don't have the story with the other guy and don't do those bad stuff she could be so vulnerable to be abandoned by the main caracter cuz he fall for other girl cuz he's been force to married. Well! shes bad so we don't think about that! If it's was me I guess Ill do the same thing but in smart way! I finish it cuz I skip a disk and go rite to the end! LOL!

Ok that one Secret Garden! I didn't finish it ! I'm scare to the end cuz Korean drama is not always a HAPPY ending! I cross my finger that everything will be fine! I just love the part with the Cofee cream! OMG! I just keep watching and watching, that part! I have to share it to you guys! ^_^

I really dunno whut to start beside that is beeing so good but that makes me realise that the ''magic switch'' kind of blur,replacing by the ''magic of love''...I dunno whut to think about rich and poor pplz cuz in real life I'm not sure that the couple can succombed to that big differences. This is what we can see between the second couple which is play by Yoon Sang Hyun and Kim Sa-rang. I'm not gona talk about this in case of you guys see it! and of course until I finish it! (tonite! lolll hehe).

Seens long time ago, MY first real drama (it was a movie) was 100 days with mr.Arrogant play by Ha Ji Won that I admire so much cuz she is a good actress ever! In that drama she prove it again! She is a real natural beauty! And Hyun Bin omooo!!!! he complete the other half! Its like the moon and the sun, the black and white!( Such a pretty couple...besides they are not real T_T! ah well! we can still dream about him then! lolll!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My costume!

Take a guess who am I!!! =PPP lolll!!! its not my real hair btw! Its my Wig again! OMG! I love this wig! pplz always think that its my real hair! =))) Me and my lil brother pass one of the perfect Halloween again! Empty of candys and lotz of fun! Yey!!! hahah!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Tomorow is Halloween time! Its on monday...yeah...I's gona be short but still! I want some fun with my lil brother so I guess Ill prepare a lil something! We have fun last year ! ^_^

OMG! so manny stuff happen seens last time...remember I was in sort of depress so it happen...I get into fight with one of my best friend and we didn't spoke seens 2 weeks. Its like a old couple, like my bf we just need time.

whut happen? shortly I just tell her whut I was thinking about her cheap side and she didn't really take it and it's kinda cold and I just decide to let it down a bit.

Seens then I realise that I might need, do something for myself. I just watch so manny movie in a week. Like yesterday I went to see Puss in Boots . The day before was Paranormal Activity 3.

 3/5 stars

Puss in boots: It wasnt bad it just some part are so normal...kind of bored . I let you judge it by yourself cuz It kind of hard.I love Puss cuz I have to cats and love how they act so you can reconize them. For the rest and the story it kind of OK! Not the best but ok! =)))

 4/5 stars

Paranormal Activity 3: I was SCARE ! OMG! its been 4 ever that a scary movie don't catch my attention that hard! I was scare seen the first scene.Everything was so perfect beside something...The trailer. The trailer show you whut you can see if you buy the DVD! =/ ...yeah! that is the markething...different ends.Its anoying! =/

Wassup next in my life? I decide to change my hair! LIKE...BIG CHANGE! ^_^ ! I'm blond now! Yeah! it's sort of jinger...and its really blond with highlights. I did it twice and It tooks time to like it! For my eyes it was kinda weird! LOL! I wasn't sure and then...I LOVE IT! hihihi I just need some change! I look like a REAL Gyaru now! hahaha! Here some pix...besides...the color don't show that much but in real it looks more pale!

what else! Oh YEAH! I order from that website:
I order khmer dub cuz I'm cambodian and I understand a lotz so...I didn't know it's a copy , but that I don't mind...I just recieve this yesterday so it took more time than ever! and the box was broke and scratch up the dvd...I was so dissapointed T_T...I order 2 set of movies...they always keep reply in different email adress and didn't anwser my last question about discount for next time.Really bad service and bad stuff! I just have to cross my finger for my dvd!

Here is the proff of my dvd...I just open it and look whut the bad suprise that I found!I already send them the pix and they say that they are not responsable for the shipping problemes and it's the first time that is happen...T_T bad luck on me I guess...Damn!
Should I order from them anymore? O_o!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Not So farrr!!!^_^!!!

Hey! Finaly it wasnt that farrr ahaha!

Im less depress and wanna take some times for myself now. I was wondering whut I should do at work to make it more fun!...stuff come by time... then we have to visite some school to make promotion for our stuff! It does change someting in my life! It makes my routine more interesting cuz it does change! I just remember when I was at school that time and the only thing we have to care is when we have our break and! It was so fun!

After that I just make a decision that I should go back to school...yeah...! again!!!!  I just got myself into a night of information about some courses at night. I tought it would be great but ... I can't concentrate cuz she said that we only got a book and we come in the class and study and if we have questions, we just ask the guy in the front....BORINGGGGGG!....I can't !!! OMG! and the I just got the idea about course by distance.I call and they told me that I should recieve the info by the post.

I just got everything and my god! Its BIG and so much of info. I call a girl that took the same class that I know from work. She told me that is wonderful cuz she use to take the same patern that I did...Seens then..I guess I choose to take a chance! Im not a persone who can stand the same stuff and none interest in not get the evolution of anything...I Need to grow! Not too much cuz Ill be BIG FAT GIRL hahah! :P~ will see later on~

I dunno whut happen to me theses days.I love to watch movies that it last for long! Exemple: Spider man 1-2-3...Batman 1-2-3 and I love the SUPER HEROS MOVIES! I just get X-man (the packages for $15.00CAN)and my bf got Kick-Ass($20.00 dvd,blue-ray package).My baby got into super-hero too! lol! ...etc....I just need to reconect with my playlist of movies! haha! Its been awhile!

Finaly the new NHL seasons its back soon! I can't wait cuz I got tickets from my cuzy for the pre-season! OMG! I was so close to the HABS team! I just can't believe it! I was there when P.K (Subban) put the pock on the net! WOUUUHHH!!! Awesome! I just can't wait to see more of the season...Im a REAL FAN!!!! =)))

I guess my mood goes with the temperature...Its not cold yet! Its even too hot! Its scary at some part cuz the planet get confuse with all of these things...Makes me realise that its been 10 years now seens the september 11...I just can't believe that everything seens then happen to all of these pplz.Life if really hard.Why some are poor and the others are just so rich...why pplz are so mean and selfish. Ill be more careful with all the thing im doing ... just sherishing whut I have !

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to reality!

Heyyyy!!! YEAHHH!!! A while againnn!!! loll!!! Ive beeennnn sooo busssyyy!!! of course I came back from NYC and Otakuthon this years was DONE!....after Otakuthon I feel that everything its a bit boring...summer is gone, not sor far but we can feel it; temperature is much cooler,the sunset is starting sooner...However!  

I feel a bit depress of thinking of whut I should do in future.I like my job for now but I can't stand some stuff: exemple: to know that we don't really get enought paid for what we insurance before a year....stuff like that, that makes me depress....I guess I should start to look for something else...

Its always like that seens a few years, seens I start my call has a hairdresser....I keep looking for whut I should do!

Anyways talking about NYC I was so happy to go ova there! It was amasing! We didnt visite le liberty status but we stay in Manhattan most of the time, for 3 days. We shop a lot...we walk a lot! The subway ova there was having a A.C! We just miss that part when we came back to mtl...No A.C...=/ lol!

Besides after that even we saw NKOTBSB...YEAH! Hell YEAH! New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys, here in MTL! The show was AWESOME! So much of ''souvenir'' OMG! Back In the days hahah!

and finaly I went to Otakuthon! (WOW! whut a week ahhaa)  I was cosplaying in Alice and...I wasnt happy cuz the costume ova there became really much more sophisticated...Pplz was DAMN HOT! OMG! I can't compare to them...Hell NO! I was a bit disapointed about my cosplay...=/ and get a bit depress seens.

Ah well! I have another even that is call: Pique-nique Victorien that is coming this week-end.Actualy the point to go there is to COSPLAY! hahah! I have a nice dress that I wanna wear and for now with this perfect temperature its so kweel to wear a wig! lol!...anyways...laterssss!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 2011 NY Here we come!

YEE! finaly back! Its been 4 ever everytime! Im really sorry! Im just so busy with all different kind of thing.First of all I wanna say that I lost about 12 lb...little by little.I just go back to the gym and Im totaly into it! I go there at least 3 times a week or if not I just do other activities outside(like bicycle....shoping?! lolll).On May 19 it was my bd and I didnt do much as I remember...I just feel that Im so old now...I wanna so something in my life.

This year I went to 3 weedings...and I still have another one in september.At that moment I just realise that I took so much of Weight and start to think that I should do something...I hate wearing dresses...but at the same time I just like it haha! It was fun to dress like a lil princess! =))) its my part of hime!^_^

I was thinking to change my haircolor a bit...Im SOOOoo tireee of my black hair...Im not ,at the same time cuz when I think of my roots...I just change my mind! lol!!

Got so much to talk and nothing...OMG! I need some sleep!!! laterrr! loll!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Middle of the week!

Yee! Finaly! We are in the middle of the week...and didn't really see how fast it is...kind of shock! Its kweel like that...well...yesterday I went to see the Red Riding Hood with Amanda Seyfried.Its OK!Not the best movie ever but...well...I not disapointed or even sad it just...neutral?...really...they put 7.5 out of 10.Also I was kind of tire cuz I went there after work and dinner with my bestfriend, so we was kind of really tireee.I'm happy to see this but couldnt say that I would regret it If I didnt see it...

The image of that little girl beeing so deformer by some kind of perversion, sensuality...lots more cuz the real story about the Red Riding Hood is a beware of the strangers and also the people that you think you might know...The real story was much more horrible than the movie...I remember that I was scare when she talk to that wolf.In my oppinion that movie is much more like a fantasy to that pretty BIG EYES LADY! lol!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I dunno why...I guess i'm thinking about another step of my life cuz I'm getting old. The age dosn't really matter but I could  see that my parent are getting old and I have lotz of mission to do.I want them happy!

I'm affraid of getting old and beeing rest alone for the rest of my is young ... I souldn't thinking about those stuff but happen ... my dark side is just saying some bad stuff....afraid of me huh? I'm such a weirdooo...lolll!!! Ok now...I'm going to check some movies! =))) later!

I was just need some change for this page so I decide to make something new! Like it? =)))

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Ok! Sorry for the longggggggggg waitttttttinnnnng time! I didnt touch this Blog seens the new year and we are at the end of march.Well  yeah! I still at the same work and still kweel around.I just bought my new iphone!!! WOUHHH!!!...OMG! ...well NO BIG DEAL when you already have a Itouch.The only thing stoopid Itunes don't update and I really really need the new Itunes...grrr...oh well I use my cuz seens today hahaha!!! He usualy like the same music has mine...quite a lotz but if not well I just have to delete it...

OMG! so much of talking about ...I just dunno how to start...Oh well..Im so hook to this drama: Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta ...can the title be god! I just can't say it hahaha! ... well I love the main caracters so much. I use to dislike Toda (Erika) ...but seens...I dunno...I guess it was Liar Game ... I totaly change my mind.She make the most cutesss,sensible,innocent, actrice ever in this drama and the guy..Miura Haruma Im just totaly amaze...he IS SOOOOOOO HOTTTT! OMG! seens Sky of love(Koizora) I can't took my eyes out of him! He is just so CUTE!!!! It's not finish CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE REST!!!!

Talking aout Haruma I just saw Kimi no todoke live action cuz theres a anime too so I was waiting seens this december and I was so dissapointed cuz first theres no sub yet(seens now but didnt have the time to check)second : EVERY movie that made, base from a manga...don't expect cuz it is the same story but at some part...kind of BORED! =/. I love the manga, I'm watching the season 2 rite now....but it kind of ehh...not the same story at all...I dunno... it kind of missing human feeling...Oh well I guess I have to rewatch it lol! 
Oh well ... enought of that Haruma ! Talking about JAPAN....did you see whut happen? Tsunami!!! O_O!

~Just a little dedication to PPLZ in JAPAN!!!! R.I.P to the famely,friends,belove pplz of the victimes...Ive been so touch about whut happen,the Tsunami kills so manny pplz and I just realise how short life could be...In my prayer and from the bottom of my heart I wish the best in future, please Buddha help them T_T...~

Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year! Goodbye 2010(a yeukkky! year)

Hey!!! Happy new year!!! its been 10 days and its a good start seens then...=))) I'v  had a wonderful New year eve with my friends and It was wonderful.We have so manny stuff to share and it was a pleasure to see everybody happy.For this new year I just wanna have some good moment and having something stable(im talking about my work) I just choose the pat of having something more in the office.Its not quite all cuz I still have more to learn.

I feel so free....kind of out of jell seens the past week.I just dunno why...I guess its becuz stuff beeing better now. I know whut I want and do my best to have it...If NOT well its not for me! I have the most wonderful boyfriend that a girl can wish and a wonderful famely that support me.Its all I can wish for the best gift.Thinking of losing them broke my heart in tears and I dunno if I would survive.Im so emotional...sorry haha!

My baby wanna say something too!!! hahaha! look at her chubby face hihih!!! and look at the gangster cat who took my pillow has a sit....grrrr....and she know that shes wrong ... lolll!

Its all good for now and wish everyone a good lonnnngggg lifeeee forever.Just keep stuff on the pat that suppose to be and like everbody.Just don`t care who ever who don't deserve it.Life is good! =))) laterrrr!!!!