Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sorry! I've been busy!

Hey hey! Its been 4 ever and seens then I just change job.Why? Again? I know!...just got kick out from the one I was talking about but anyways I didnt see myself doing that anymore cuz I was working alone and it was sort of boring.At least I just found a new one.I just got the call today!!! SO exitedddd!!! haha! Kind of lonely too cuz my ''boo'' is at Quebec city for a nite, for hes work so im sad that hes not here tonite to celebrate it but its ok! We will do something soon. <3

Whut happen seens? Its been 3 weeks that I was searching for a job got some interview and finaly got this one.Seens I was meeting with a guy who I meet at otakuthon for the parapara session.Im not that good .I follow some step but not that good at all cuz I didnt have time to practice.So one of the guy, Will , just got connect with whut I like too.No worry hes gay hihihi! He is just so sweet so we just decide to go to a karaoke.He brought hes friend and it was sOOoo fun! That nite I can't forget cuz we just have to sing our fav song and dance! Next one that we gona prepare its gona be on the first of december...omg...pass so fast! O_o...amazing...well yeah! I just can't wait...

Tomorow I have to go at work and sign a contract+ I have to make a schedule for the week im gona start.Will see whut happen! wish me luck and success! =D

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy late Halloween! ^_+

Hey there! Its been awhile! Can't you see my pix on tha left? O_o! Scarry huh? Hahah! It base on youtube makeup.I made it with glue and paper toilette! It stink like hell when I took it out! I pass a nice week-end even if I was working on saturday.It was a special for the inventory and I was late for the afternoon party.I went to the Otakuthon Halloween special and...MY GOD...!!! Whut a mistake cuz It was DAMN Not FUN at all! I was SOOooo mad cuz there was suppose to be food and stuff but NATHING! Even the music SUX! =(.It was my first time there and I got so manny complain to make on the FB wall...! Well its for a good cause! So they really don't mind....I guesss...lol

But after a few min we just went out.I went there with my best friend, her friend+her friend BF+ my cousin and then...I find another cousin that in a pass few years I miss sOoo much of news.He have hes car so we went out for souper.We eat chinese food...not those buffet or something....those REAL GOOD chinese food.I ate so much! It was Yummy!And we talk a lotz about life and the past few years.It reminds me of some of those '' OLD fashion Chinese love song" that  use to hear and guess whut...He Had some un hes car LOLLLLLLLLLLLlllllllllllll! OMG! We was like OMGGG!!! hahahah! I laught so much and it was a great nite after all.

I realise that in everytime we could have some fun...depend on you...=)
Ehh...I put another pix just to forget this scarry face! =P

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

4 days left b4 the week end again!

What a great week end...it past so fast! wouuhhh!!! hahaha! On friday nite I didnt do much seens today.I went to the grocery and bought so much of food! Even if I follow the list I think I bust my budget a bit but its OK cuz I didnt paid...my bf did hahaha! Well its for both of us so we switch time whenever if we have to paid something! Its kweel like that.

I went to LUSH at the mall and my god! I spend so much for lots of stuff! I just never take bath seens awhile cuz I tought its a lost of time but....I will take bath whenever I have to cuz Its so conforting. I just try ''the conforter bubble '' lol whut a coincident lol! (watch the video!).I bought some bomb that I didnt try yet but...sOOn!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Whut a happy day! It was so nice from the outside! It was sunny!!! ^_^ but still a bit cold! Its been 4 ever I didnt go to chinatown and my bf want to eat some shabu shabu!!!! it was oishiiiiiiiii!!! hehehe! and we went to some patisserie to buy some cake! I dunno I just missing drinking bubble tea so much cuz usualy I was ordering the tea with the lemon and honey but I just change my mind for my old almond tea with bubble!=)))

I went to the club video to rent some movie cuz im so into Resident Evil (yesss I repeat...Im a GEEK lolll).I dont play the game..just the new one on playsation 3 but the rest I just love to watch pplz play cuz Its freaking scarryyy haha.Specialy when you play alone in the dark!!! = O.So yeah I went to rent the movie cuz I just use to say I hate it but I just realise that I watch the second part...never I check for the first one so I decide to banned it for the rest...seens now the new one just came out so Im like...hmm...looks like its really popular so I just watch back and LIKE it a LOTS! Im watching the new one rite now ( yeah! Im a outlaw! LOL! =P) on the net well...whutever...I want the series! Even my lil brother like it seens yesterday.

I went to my parent house to watch the game and guess WHUT!!!.....WE WIN!!!! YEYYY!!! so KWEEL!!! at the tird period I tought we gona lose it cuz it was 2/1 pingouins...after that we reply  2 goals! AWESOME!!! ahhaha! I cant wait to the next game...its on Wednesday...so farrrr! lol!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

T_T we lost!

Nothing to enjoye...we lost....T_T...just to make pplz happy...here is me in BLOND! LOLLLLLLLL!!!

 HAHAH!!! >_<
theres another game this saturday....VS pinguins....will seee!!!! GO HABS GOOO!!!!! I guess im tireee... LOL!

Yeeeeyyyy!!! GO HABS GOOOooO!!!

Finaly! theres a hockey game tonite. Habs VS Leafs....its been awhile seens we visite Komi!(Komisarek
) I just can't wait tonite! I dunno whut I should do until the game.Im a FREAK of Hockey ! LOL! Big FAN hahah! hmm...I just got paid....I should go at 21Forever to shop a bit...I don't think its a good idea but I'll see...until that...suspense...hahah!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sorry! So busy!

Hello there! wouahh!!! its kweel to see that pplz pass by but you should leave some comment.By the way im not that active on this blog neither cuz Im to lazy but I shouldnt!

I just got my IPod Touch a few day ago and cant leave wihout it! There is so much options!Why I didnt get the phone?Hmmm...I guess I dont have the time to think about it yet! The 2 in 1 can takes lotz of battery and without my cellphone I dunno whut to do.

I catch a cold this evening and love the taste of tea and honey! yummyyy!!!! oishiiiii!!! hahaha .Its been so awhile that I just keep writing whut im thinking cuz it doesnt really make sense!lol! When im sick I specialy love tisane and tea cuz it keep me warm.!The worst taste that I hate the most is the cinnamon.I just can't stand it! I got headache just to think of it!

I went to Wall-Mart and Cosco early this morning and do you know how I hate pplz ...I mean CROWD off people.And I hate it! It makes me crazy! Thanx Buddha! It wasnt for me.My cousin just bought a huge PC from HP! Amazing! HUGE screen! HD! but...poor him.He like to draw and photoshop he's stuff in the computer and the card wasnt enought for him...the worst is he can't play starcraft 2

Talking about Starcraft, YEAHHH!!! Im a addict of it! Such a wonderfull game hahahah! Im a real newby and pretty slow and of course didnt have the time to practice again.But it just about the time so I will be able soon! muahahah! (laught of the devil! =3)

All rite! Its pretty late for now so laterrrr!!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Short or Long?

Still wanna cut my hair short but...I dunno....I could feel that Im gona regret it...so Im not gona do it...for now! hahah!!!

Great long week end!!!

Machete by Robert Rodriguez
5/5 stars

I was cold for the second  time of this week.I almost felt sick but thanx buddha!
!Today was a strange day(looks like the weather lol)...me and my bf we get into fight for simple stuff but after he'smoke(he try to stop!) that was fine!We went to see ''Machete"by Robert Rodriguez.It was awesome! We laught a lots!

 And finaly we went to eat a good vietnamese soup,pho! Theres a lotz of pplz at downtown.We usualy go to the same one but there was a line up so we just change for this time.It was oishiiii !!!!

Meanwhile,yesterday I went to a animal pet shop with my mom and I see this couple cuty of lovebirds!and this couple of cockatiel.They are just SO lovely!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

week end off!

Yey!!! already the week end ... its saturday and I didnt do much today.For real! I was totaly off...of course I wash myself up DUH! but just doing my manucure and food and playing with my baby cats and that it! Talking about my babys! I like them so much! I spoiled them and they are getting fat.My BF always say that but I love Fat Cat! hey are sO cute hahaha!!!

my lil munchkin k.k =^-^=& my b.b(baby)
& my sweet b.b(baby)
= ^___________^ =

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday...a bit hard for the first day of the week!

I wasnt feeling so well cuz of my headache and my period.I feel like puking O_O...I didnt check the time at work and at least it past so fast!

I got the visite of my supervisor.First time meeting her and she likes our store.Our team was like:YESSS! lollll .We was relief!

Tomorow I have so much to do, but  at the same time Im so exite to learn something new.Actualy I have to prepare some stuff that we have to send + Im gona learn the cash(cashier) for a few hours and learn our piramid structure of the company.And at the end end...I have a meeting for the rest of the staff(that I already know)eat pizza and vine with them!

I just can't wait to see the final result ! ^_^

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Otakuthon 2010,Palais des congres,MonTreaL

So its been 4 ever...lots of stuff happen seens last time.Actualy I was a hairdresser and now I just got a new job in a new store for the brand name of UQAM(Université du Québec à Montréal ).Im in charge of the new place and do the GRAND OPENING .Im so nervous and exited with the new staff and stuff that we have.Its a big charge but with my experience and else I could DO IT! ^_^

I just need a job that secure myself in the future .Beeing a hairdresser its a good thing but not at my age.Ill do that has a hobie and has aside of my time cuz I like it a lotz.Im so in need of money.You would say, who don't? I really need to think about myself and the future and its a great decision.I never regret whut I did...I dont regret of going back to school and study into a haidresser and also taking that much of time.

Time will pass by and you can`t stop it.You just have to follow it.I love my job! ^_^
So...on last: friday-saturday and sunday(13-14-15 august) I was at Otakuton!I was cosplaying in ganguro/manba (pix on the top..yeah! its me lolll) well My fondation was a crap cuz I didnt apply well and didnt use the rite equipement so I went back home today and try it again just for the next time that I wanna cosplaying at the chintown in MTL hahaha!If you see a weird monster that you dunno how to describe...maybe it was ME!? LOL!

Better huh? LOL!!! looks more natural hahaha!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Sorry guys ive been busy these days....so yesss its coming back againnnnnn! THE J-FESTT!!!!   YOUHOUuuuuu!!!! cant wait hihihi!!! ^__^

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


hi there! Sorry for the boring day cuz Im SOooo busy these day with work and also my new appartement! Finaly Im moving from my lil 2 1/2 for a 4 1/2! Yey!!! So happy! LOL But I miss writing some stoopid stuff about my boring life! Ah well I could see that pplz is passing by! Just leave some comment! I dont bite! =P lol! Be back really really soon with lotz of pix! hihih!!! ^______^ ~

---For now just a lil happy memorie during these days! LOL!---

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

J Fest VOL 4

*Don't know whut the heck im talking about? Whut is JFest? here is the link: http://jfest.studiobatsu.com/ 

I dont remember when was the last time I went out and drink alcool!I went to the J fest for the second time and wasnt disappointed.I guess they do read whatever pplz send them by mail cuz I did make comment about the music!I feel really old cuz all of those pplz looks really young heheh!We went really late this time and return back at 1 am cuz I'm working the day after.

That sunday I was working for the first time to cut pplz HAIR!!! wouhhhhh!!! my god! I was damn stress! But It was kweel! I made 1 woman and 2 man....! One of them is my cusin co-worker! Whut a small town haha!!! I didnt take any pix cuz its sound newby and I dont wanna make them think that I am.Well I am in the salon but not in life.

Its my last week before my exam...I cant wait! I just pray that everything will go well cuz they are no preparation or something...its all about computer....wish me LUCK!!! ~ (= >_<=)~ yey panda!~ loll!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Show off whut is really useful!

I just wanna show you whut is my favorite sirop for my hair these days...gosh! I pass so much my flat iron and use a lotz the blow driyer...my hair is diying...my gosh...By chance! I win something really useful! Actualy, I didnt win it.At the salon that im working just give it to me ^_^!!!''MAROCANOIL!!! you have to buy this! Its really helpful!Pplz at my salon are so nice with me! It was suppose to be a contest but with my hard work they just give it to me has a present on my BD! Thanxxx!!! ^__^

Monday, May 24, 2010

We lost!~ T_T~

Habs lost today and they are going to play golf...I feel so sad...see you next year! T_T SNIF~! Anyways today was the day of my succes in the industry of the hair.Well!Sort of cuz I pass my test has a hairdresser for this summer and once a week im gona cut,color and doing a brushing for costumers! Yey! SOOoo happy hiihi! Its gona add more hours and more paye! Im gona do whut I love to do!I did my client like Drew Barrymore hairstyle when she had those cute curl and blondy hair! She was so happy and look soOOo cute with it...and...I didnt takes photos of her but I found Drew hairstyle ! Just imagine base color in chesnut+ highlights brownish and blond!

Super belle journee!!! ^_____^(23/05/2010)

Il faut que je mets les dates car j'ecris les blogs tres tard donc il est presentement 1h16 du matin et je ne suis pas encore coucher. Il y a quelques jours(mercredi le 19 mai) c'etait ma fete....oui!J'ai commander du poulets au arachides avec des epinards.Je ne crois pas y retourner malgrer les belles presentations...car j'ai ete un peu malade....Je sais pas si c'etait juste moi mais je vais en parler a mon amie qui a elle aussi commander la meme chose que moi!

 En ce jour mon copain et moi sommes aller a la Citronelle pour manger notre plat favorit....poulet-legume dans des nouilles frit et un bon verre de Perrier,glace+citron(je viens de vraiment aimer ca!)YUMMYYY!!! c'etait vraiment bon!Ca fais vraiment longtemps qu'on n'est pas aller puis on c'etait prommener sur la promenade Fleury! C'est tellement beau!Il fesait chaud! J'ai pris du teind!!!(YEEHH!!! lol!!!) Mon but c'est d'avoir un beau teind pour l'ete! Jveux bronzer! hehe! Une chose qui etait pas le fun...c'etait une cliente qui etait rentrer avec son petit garcon ... Une femme qui voulait vraiment de l'attention...probablement divorcer qui parlais vraiment fort puis qu'on entendait ses JK rasisme et plate...fallais que ca tombe sur une jk de chinois et de paki...puis...le Pakistan ca vient de l'Arabe depuis quand?...Anyways...j'ai achetter mon petit cochon de timer-cooking! Je vous le montre la prochaine fois!

Yesterday(2010,sunday,may 22)

Habs lose! =( I was so mad cuz they didnt play well...It was play at Bell center and there's a lotz of pplz in downtown who was wearing Habs T-shirt! Cant u see on the pix from the other side of the train and in the train...my god! SOOOoo manny pplz! Well tomorow they have to win cuz not...its gona be the end!=(((! Hope NOT!!!
At least my mom made a good cook...I help her to learn a lotz.Usualy im not into cook but I dunno why...seens a while I just try to be more helpful.Also she looks tire so I just help her! I love my mommy and her food! haha!!! =D~ On the pix we made ''Bang-Cha-hou'',cambodian food.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tomorow! goOOo habs GOOooo!

I am a big fan of the HABS! YEAH! Les Canadiens de MONTREAL! ^_^ Tomorow is the fourth match VS the flyers.I cant wait! By chance I finish at 2pm and I will watch it in BIG SCREEN at my parents house with my lil bro! We are a big fan! CANT WAIT!!! its 2-1 for the flyers for the series! GOOOoo HABS GOOooo!

Ma vrai page d'acceuil

HellOoo!!! Just wanna introduce a bit of myself.They call me So,Lyly or Kaiide.All the same! Why So...cuz is a diminutive of my real name.Why LyLy? Cuz I use that nick name seens a while agoOoo.Why Kaiide? Cuz I heard that on japanese anime and I ask one of my friend whut's that mean.She told me is mean maple but it doesnt really spell like that...it use to be ''kaede'' in romanji so it just look weird in french and I just change it for Kaiide.At the end just call me Kaiide!LOL!

I do it quick cuz I hate doing the same thing!

::Usualy ask::
-Where are you from: Im born in Thailand border of Cambodia,my mom and dad are Cambodian/Chinese
-Do you speack those 3 languages: Only cambodian+french and englishWhy are you so white for a cambodian:I guess its b-cuz my grand parent's are pure chinese
Whut kind of chinese(dialect) do they speak:Teochew
-How old are you: ehh....I look young but age its just a number and a image its just a personal view so...take a guess hahah
-Are you single: Nope! its been 11 years that I am with him ! ^_^ take a guess of my age now hahah!
-Got any sibbling:Yeah! A young bro that I love a lots! He is autisme(click if you wanna know whut is it).Be he is a good boy and don't hurt anybody! <3

Im gona add lotz of pix of a few stuff that im gona do and let you know about my thinking of the day...~ Later~