Monday, February 13, 2012

My wigs and REAL hair!

Im gona talk about my wig...I use to hate the blondish wig that I bought for my alice`s cosplay...It when wrong cuz my makeup don't work. I was afraid to put too much of makeup at the convention...WRONGGGGGGG LAMMMMEEE I use to hate my cosplay on that day...really...=( . I just didnt shape my wig and trim the bang to put it on the side...

I just decide to try to reshape it...I hate wasting money..., I wanna do like ''Pin'' wigs...Do u know Pin? Here she is! . Im not gona explain how she is or whut shes doing cuz U need to read her BLOG! She is my inspiration for the wigs. Im always a bit scare to cut wig but not anymore...I fix the bang and anything me wich one on the pix its a WIG? lollll!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

❤❤❤ Sweet Feb ❤❤❤

Its valentines day in a few days...did ya find someone already? hihih! I already mine seens more than 13 years now!(thats give you a idea about my age LOL!) and still love him ❤^_^ ❤. We don't really celebrate it cuz  in 2 month we have to celebrate ou 13 years! wooooHH!!! got to do something SPECIAL hiihiH!!! I won't tell for now, just in case that we change our mind hahah!

SO! its been some review on a movie! YEEEHH!!! a short one cuz Ive been so busy ! It was more than a month and a week that I was sick and got to edit a documentary about para para on Otakuthon even 2011. Yeah! seens last year! LOL! long! Im so picky on every details...!
Yeah! about the movie! Did you ever seens Kimi wa petto (left)? Im not gona talk about that j-drama cuz its been while that ive seen it. It wasnt so bad but remember that was in 2003 ( about 9 years ! ) so far! They made a shorter and more moderne romance in Korean-drama! Is call: You're My Pet(right).

I wasnt sure cuz I saw the drama and usualy I stick with the original one. I was suprise cuz they change lots of stuff that I would change. SO It WAS EXELLENT! 4/5  stars! Everything was fine cuz they change every part in the drama, that is so boring! But the only thing is ... its too cheesy ! LOL! Musical movie ! How do you expect that! Not all long thanx buddha lol! Jang Keun-Suk is wonderful in this role! but I like him with short hair hehe! He play the role of Jun Matsumoto! Wow! I miss him cuz its been Hana yori dango that I didnt check some of hes drama! Kim Ha-Neul compare to Koyuki is much more glamour and sexy! (u should see the lenght of her skirt and dress! O.o! LOL!).

I just spot that each couple having they match hair color! LOLLLLLL! so funny! hahah!