Sunday, January 8, 2012

Twice on the same day! O_o!

LOL! YEAH! twice post on the same day cuz I just rememember the movies that I just saw a few weeks before...LOL!

All there is that movie: Hello stranger, a Thai movie : Inspired by Korean culture and entertainment that fluxed around Asia, the film tells a love story of a guy and a girl who destined to meet in Seoul during their private trip to Korea.
I laught so much cuz I reconise some stuff that I would normaly do If I go over korea! LOL! Specialy if we are a fan of k-dramaz ! LOL!

Some part was so much of blabla....the guess I was suprise that is been like that...and im not gona tell! LOL! 
I wasnt sure about the main caracter but we they are kind of cute after all! ^_^

Pplz know me by loving scary movie...horror movie...I went to see Devil Inside....errr....did you watch the trailer? I'm not gona put a link about the trailer cuz... thats the movie...everything you see in the trailer its the movie..the rest its pretty much boring...We all know the end . The movie its film like a documentary or Paranormal Activity...its a mix of both...a bit of Blair witch project ... make me feel dizzy at some part ... O_o...! Its so bad at the end cuz they put a link to look at it and there is some part that is been not in the film...It would be much more interesting if they put those part in.A BIG deception...I was really scare of the trailer...but nothing else....don't waste your money to see this on theater...u must rent it!
A BIG deception...I was really scare of the trailer...but nothing else....don't waste your money to see this on theater...u must rent it!

~2012~ ^_^

HEYYYYYY!!!! its been 4ever! LOL! Yeah I know I should post more...but I was damn SICK! I even skip the Xmax cuz I was really too sick! I caught a fever,flu...everything...and still lost my voice. It's been 3 weeks now....I know pplz say to see a doctor ... I didn't cuz I just hate it...I hate to wait and lose time to work...

Whut is positive, is that I'm pretty sure that I lost weight ! LOL! I lost my appetise...It's good cuz I'm really too fat...really...So I prefer to leave my sickness in a good way...I'm still ok to work. Anyways so YEAH! I start my new year with a bad Health but I wish everyone a good and healthy life with lotz of good suprise. The rest will come!

So whut ive been doing for all of the past time during my Xmax vacation ? I already have my week off and it past so fast even If I didn't do much...

I was playing ZELDA game has usual and stop a bit for now...I lost so much of patiente and I'm ashame to say that I cheat for this time...loll...

I was watching OLD movie...My classical for Xmax is Home Alone 1-2 and Christmas Story , that I love the most.

I also watch Korean drama (DUH! ) Flower boy ramyun shop...I just hook up on this one cuz I love the main caracter! It's been  Temptation of Wolves / Romance of Their Own (2004) that I love Lee Chung Ah. She is such a pretty, natural beauty! I love her ! She usualy doing the innocent but hot-tempered girl who can say and express herself when the time is coming.I love Jung Il Woo . He lost lotz of weight seens awhile and I didnt reconise him! He such a HOTTY in that drama! OMO! ^_^ loll
I'm such a tease! But I love the KISS SCENE between Cha Chi Soo and Yang Eun Bi.THEY KISS TWICEEEE!!! OMG!!! I lil bit dissapointed for the ending but well done for the rest!

~ KISSSU!!!! ~