Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back for more!

All rite... I know..its been 4ever...sad news...and finaly some GOOD one...well.. for sure...I have to get over it for my new life now. So here some quick pix about my day of Otakuthon! ^_^  Enjoye...and there is lot more...

(left to right) Me and my best friend and Me and Lilly-Jo my Manba friend!
(left to right) they was so cute in DOMO team! ^_^ and that couple is STUNING!
Guess where I am!? lol...Me and my Team was doing a panel about Para-para! check ou some video:
Did u remember about Para-Para? Im in a Team and I do dance Para para but never film myself yet cuz im shy...maybe one day!...in a gyaru style....well...will see....So thats it for now...Ill post more of pix soon! ^_+

Monday, August 13, 2012

Busy with personal stuff and broken heart

Hi guys!

With the title I guess you know it all! I don't need to explain a lotz but after 13 years and 3 month we finaly decide to broke up. Well its more him... I guess I wasnt the perfect one ... sad..yeah well.. only time could tell me whut to do cuz rite now im pretty sad and lonely...but life is going on...I should keep myself up!

I guess I will never know how  to think cuz in my mind he was the one for me...but not him... I guess hes not ready to have a serious life in the futur. He keep always saying that hes still young...Whutever...

I get back to u! later!!!