Monday, July 2, 2012

Finaly back for a bit! lol!

Hi guys! I know..its been 4ever...Sorry! I was so busy and at the same time I was a bit confuse in life and jobs took lotz of my time too! I didnt even have time to clean up! I don't really wanna talk about my life but in certain time I guess pplz just ask themself some certain questions. Here some pix of me cuz for sure I turn myself back to JET BLACK! I hate it when it fade so I just did my hair twice! Not so bad cuz in reality I would done it early but I don't want to damage my hair.

Whut I use to protect them? Good question! Has u can see and know, I love to dye my hair! I change it  offently this year!
 I use has a shampoo BIOLAGE color care shampoo. It smell good, not expensive (buy the big bottle).

To protect it, whenever I blow dry or use the flat iron I use KMS Falout: Smell a bit too much at some part, a bit sticky.

I usualy use the L'OREAL TEC Hot style. Im not those type of persone who is wasting money and products so I prefer de L'Oreal one! I'll be BACK! (terminator voice ) loll!!

For the volume...I try so manny products cuz like i said I really have thin hair so whutever is mousse for make my roots crunchy.Forget about the roots lift!
SO I discover those kind of lotion spray and it doesnt make your hand sticky (wich is I hate the most...).My miracle was VOLUME ARCHITECT from l'oreal.Smell good, not expensive, protection for blow dry, not heavy for the hair!
I just decide to trade it for Pureology PureVolume. That is WONDERFUL! my hair is so puffy! The only thing is I have to apply it with my hand and it does make my hand sticky...well..its the sticky hand or the puffy hair lol!

Final touch I use my favorite lotion Maroccain oil. Just a dip and only at the tip I use my lotion. I use also the treatment for damage hair, to repair my hair!

Has a little hairdresser, like I always said to pplz. It fit you or not! lol! I know there is a TONES of products but however you have to try it. Even if you stuck with it!LOL!