Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tommy My cat!

Here is my lil Tommy! hes already 4 and half month now and gona be prepare to have hes surgery! (no babys! lol) for january 2013. Hes a male! (DUH!) and he likes to play really much. Even if he still a kitten he should eat hes food but He don't want to...errr...makes mommy mad at some part. He like to tease hes sisters . Hes fav toy is the laser! LOL! so cuteee!

Seens a baby, he have that cute lil chubby face! I call him potato face! lol!!! hes so adorable!!! I post more later ! im so tireee now cuz I work so much! lol!!! I was at my salon and at work!!! NEED money! so im going to sleep! niteeee!!!!


EV said...

Aw, Tommy is so cute! ^.^


Midori Kaiide said...

hihih! thanxxx EV! ^_^ xxx

Sana said...

So cute,I wish I had one,too >_<

annie_ah said...

Wooaaaaah... Tommy is soo cute... lemme hug him^_~

Ahh thank you so much but realy I'm not expert at all.. I'm just bored hehh :D
And you I finished watching flower boy(...) few days ago, ahh i think it was one of the funniest drama i watched^^

Joshua Hideki said...

You have such an adorable kitty!!~.


Midori Kaiide said...

hihih! thanxxx guys! ^_^ hes the male of the house...^_^

Joshua Hideki said...

Hey!! It's been awhile since we've last talked!! Anyway, I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You don't have to do it but I just want to let you know ^__^


Manju Gurung said...

aaa soo cute, he needed surgery? how was it? ♥