Saturday, June 7, 2014

Its been almost a year...

Hey guys! I know...Sorry! My bad! Gomena! Bianeee!!! SORRRY! I've been so Busy with so much of stuff!

So yeah...hmm...I dunno how, what , where to start lol! ^_^...The reason why I'm so busy is becuz Im engaged ! I'm getting married in a few month ! Yesss! In a few month! In September 20, 2014. My boyfriend , I mean my fiance, ask for my hand after 3 month that we been together. I know that pplz can react so fast but when we feel the same. I'm old enought ...
At first my parent wasn't happy cuz he have tattoos and ask me to break up but I didn't show him to my famely at first so I wait a bit until Xmax time and I ask if he can come over and introduce him to the famely. It's not easy or difficult to be with someone that you love. But you have to work it out!
We have to talk and understand. Never think that pplz are aquired. We just want to make each day a special day.We know each other seens 6 years but never meet before. I guess this is destiny. Even in real life and on the chat with my bf, Ive been myself. Same thing form him, so we never been lying to each other.We can't Do different stuff each time, each day... but we are doing stuff that makes us happy. We love to go out and now we trying to not spending too much of money on stuff. We try to learn how to eat healthy and not just eat at the restaurant. ( we . I've been addict to deserts seens I meet him and ... Don't worry! I didn't agains weight but I try to lose more! LOL! BE BACK! ^_+


Joshua Hideki said...

Thanks for supporting my blog all these while. My blog has moved to so if you'd like to continue following us, please follow my new website!! :) ありがとございます!!

Angela Brooks said...

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